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The classification of life is changing rapidly. As new techniques reveal more about the phylogenetic relationships between taxa, the tree changes shape almost every day. Taxonomy today is more exciting than ever before, but this constant change creates a need for stability and insight into the relationships between the classifications themselves. Systema Naturae 2000 is trying to satisfy the need for insight into the relationships between the classsifications and enters into a journey on the vast ocean, called taxonomy.

Citation suggested: Brands, S.J. (comp.) 1989-2005. Systema Naturae 2000. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. []


An up-to-date historical cross-referenced classification of life anywhere, anytime based on original authorative scientific literature.

Up-to-date The main classification is a compilation of all authorative scientific literature available to the author and reflects the most recent insights.
Historical Each taxon is presented at its original position in the main as well as in the original classification.
Cross-referenced Each entry in an original classification is mapped to an entry in the main classification.
Anywhere The world and beyond.
Anytime Both extant and extinct taxa.
Literature Primarily based on original authorative scientific literature, excluding any personal communication, popular literature and many classifications found on the internet.


I would like to thank the librarians at the Plantage Bibliotheek, my former colleagues at AquaSense and Prof. F.R.Schram (University of Amsterdam) for their great help in my quest for literature.


Any questions, remarks and/or corrections regarding Systema Naturae 2000 will be greatly appreciated by the author.

Copyright   2000-2005 Drs. Sheila Brands.

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