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H|N|P|R|B|L A (Subgroup)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Abaxodinae (Subclass) Mikrjukov,2001
H|N|P|R|B|L Abdominales* (Order) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L abodines* (Clade) Patterson,2001 see Dictyochophyceae (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acalyptratae
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acantharea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acantharia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acantharia* (Class) see Acantharea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acantharian Radiolaria* see Acantharea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Acanthisittides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acanthobdellida* (Subclass) see Acanthobdellidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Acanthobdellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Acanthobdellidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Acanthocephala (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acanthochitonida* (Order) see Acanthochitonina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acanthochitonina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acanthocolpiata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Acanthodiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Acanthodii (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acanthoecida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acanthognatha* (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L †Acanthomeridiida (Order) H. Xianguang & J. Bergström,1997
H|N|P|R|B|L Acanthomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Acanthomorphitae*
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acanthopodida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acanthopodina* (Suborder) see Acanthopodida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Acanthopterygii (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acanthopterygii (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Acanthuroidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Acari (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acari* (Order) see Acari (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acaridia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Acariformes (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acariformes* (Order) see Acariformes (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acariformes* (Suborder) see Acariformes* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acarosporales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acarosporomycetidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acarpomyxa* (Class) see Acarpomyxea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acarpomyxea* (Class) see Gymnamoebae*
H|N|P|R|B|L Accipitres* (Order) Linnaeus,1758 see Accipitres (Suborder) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L s Accipitrida (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acéphalés (Section)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acephalina* (Suborder) see Aseptatorina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acercaria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Acercostraca (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acerentomoidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acetic Acid bacteria* see Acetobacteraceae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acetic-Acid Bacteria* (Class) see Acetobacteraceae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Achnanthales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Acholeplasmatales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aciculata* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aciculata (Clade) Rouse & Fauchald,1997
H|N|P|R|B|L * Acidimicrobiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Acidimicrobidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Acidimicrobineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acidithiobacillales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acidobacteria (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Acidobacteria (Class) Cavalier-Smith,2002a
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acidobacteria (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acidobacteriales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Acipenseriformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acipenseriformes (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acipenseroidei* (Suborder) see Acipenseriformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acochlidiacea (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acochlidiacea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acochlidioidea* (Order) see Acochlidiacea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acoela (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acoelomata* (Superphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acoelomata* (Infrakingdom) see Acoelomates (Grade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acoelomata* see Acoelomates (Grade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acoelomata* (Section)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acoelomates (Grade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acoelomorpha (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acoelomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aconchulinida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aconoidasida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aconoidasida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aconta* (Suprakingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acorales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acotylea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acraniata* (Subphylum) see Cephalochordata (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrasea* (Phylum) see Mycetozoa* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrasea* (Class) see Acrasea* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrasiales* (Order) see Acrasida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acrasida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrasidae* (Subclass) see Acrasids* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrasids* (Class) see Guttulinia* (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrasiomycetes* (Class) see Acrasids* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrasiomycota* (Class) see Acrasida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrasiomycota* (Phylum) see Acrasea* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Acreodi (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acrididea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acridodea* (Suborder) see Acrididea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acridomorpha* (Infraorder) see Acrididea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acridomorphoidea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Acritarcha
H|N|P|R|B|L †Acritarcha* (Phylum) see †Acritarcha
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrochaetiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acrosiphoniales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrosomata* (Clade) see Eumetazoa* (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrothoracica* (Order) see Acrothoracica (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acrothoracica (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Acrotretida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Acrotretidina* (Suborder) see Lingulida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Acteophila (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinaria* (Subclass) see Actiniaria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinastrina* (Suborder) see amoeboid protists
H|N|P|R|B|L f Actinedida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinelida* (Order) see amoeboid protists
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinelina* (Suborder) see amoeboid protists
H|N|P|R|B|L Actiniaria* (Suborder) see Actiniaria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Actiniaria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Actinidiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Actinistia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Actinobacteria (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinobacteria* (Infraphylum) see Actinobacteria (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Actinobacteria (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinobacteria* (Subdivision) Cavalier-Smith,2002a see Actinobacteria (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Actinobacteridae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Actinoceratoidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Actinochrysophyceae (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Actinodinea (Superorder) Mikrjukov,2001
H|N|P|R|B|L actinodines* (Clade) Patterson,2001 see Pedinellales (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L actinomonads* (Clade) Patterson,2001
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Actinomycetales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinomycetes and related organisms* see Actinobacteria (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Actinomycineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinomyxea* (Class) see Actinosporea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinomyxida* (Order) Stolc,1899
H|N|P|R|B|L * Actinophryida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L actinophryids* (Clade) see Actinophryidae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinopoda* (Superclass) see Actinopoda* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinopoda* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinopoda* (Superphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinopoda* (Infrakingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinopoda* (Subclass) see Actinopoda* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinopodea* (Class) see Actinopoda* (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinopteri (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Actinopteri (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L *+o Actinopterygii (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinopterygii* (Class) see Actinopterygii (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinopterygii (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Actinosporea* (Class) see Myxosporea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Actinostromatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Actinulida* (Order) see Actinulida (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Actinulida (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aculeata* see Aculeata (Series)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aculeata (Series)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aculifera* (Subphylum) see Mollusca (Phylum) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L g Acystidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Adeleina* (Suborder) see Adeleorina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Adeleorina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Adenophorea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Adenopoda* (Subphylum) see Mollusca (Phylum) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L f Adephaga (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Adephaga (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Adoxales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Aegialodontia (Supercohort)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Aegotheli (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aeolidacea* (Suborder) see Aeolidina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aeolidida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aeolidoidea* (Suborder) see Aeolidina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aeolidoidei* (Suborder) see Aeolidina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aeolosomatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Aepyornithiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Aequifurcata
H|N|P|R|B|L Aeroendospora* (Phylum) Margulis & Schwartz,1982 see Bacillales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aeromonadales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Aetosauria* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Afrenulata* (Class) see Siboglinidae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L Afrotheria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Agamococcidiida* (Order) see Agamococcidiorida (Order) Levine,1979
H|N|P|R|B|L g Agamococcidiorida (Order) Levine,1979
H|N|P|R|B|L Aganainina (Group)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Agaricales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Agaricogastrales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Agaricomycetidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Agaricostilbales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Agelasida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aggregated Bacteria* see Burkholderiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aggregated Bacteria* (Class) see Burkholderiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Aglaspida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Aglaspidida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Aglaspidida (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aglossata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Agnatha* (Superclass) see Agnatha (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Agnatha (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Agnatha* (Subphylum) see Agnatha (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Agnostida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Agnostina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Agonomycetales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Agonomycetes*
H|N|P|R|B|L Agrambacteria (Superphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Agyriales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ahnfeltiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Aistopoda (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ajacicyathida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Akentrogonida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Akentrogonida* (Suborder) see Akentrogonida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alabetoidei* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Alaimina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Albuliformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Albuloidei* (Suborder) see Albuliformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alcae* (Suborder) see Laroidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Alcedini (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Alcedinida (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Alcedinides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Alcyonacea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Alcyonaria (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alcyonaria* (Class) see Alcyonaria (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alepocephaloidei* (Suborder) see Osmeriformes* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alethinophidia* (Infraorder) see Serpentes (Suborder) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L †Alexornithiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Algae* see Algae* (Kingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Algae* (Kingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L algal protists
H|N|P|R|B|L g Alismatales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Alismatanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Alismatidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Allocreadiata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Allogastropoda* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Allogromiida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Allogromiina* (Suborder) see Allogromiida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Allomycetes* (Class) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L Allomycotina* (Infraphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L †Allosauroidea (Subdivision)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Allosauroidea (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Allotheria (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Alluroidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L alpha* (Subclass) see Alphaproteobacteria (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alpha Group* see Alphaproteobacteria (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alphabacteria* (Infraphylum) see Alphaproteobacteria (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Alphaproteobacteria (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Alstroemeriales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Alteromonadales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Altungulata (Mirorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alveolata (Infrakingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alveolata (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Alveolata* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L alveolates* (Clade) see Alveolata (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amaryllidales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ambiortiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amblycera (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amblyopsoidei* (Suborder) see Aphredoderoidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Amblypoda* (Order) see †Pantodonta* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amblypygi (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ambulacraria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Ambystomatoidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amebomastigota* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Ameridelphia (Magnorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Amiiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amitochondriates*
H|N|P|R|B|L Ammodytoidei* (Suborder) see Trachinoidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ammonitida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ammonitina* (Suborder) see †Ammonitida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ammonoidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ammonoidea* (Order) see †Ammonoidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amniota (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amniota*
H|N|P|R|B|L Amniota (Series)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amoebaea* (Class) see Amoebozoa (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amoebida* (Order) see Amoebaea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amoebidiales* (Order) see Ichthyophonida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L amoeboid and flagellated protists*
H|N|P|R|B|L amoeboid protists
H|N|P|R|B|L Amoebozoa (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amoebozoa (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amphascandria (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Amphibia (Class) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphibiocorisae* (Suborder) see Gerromorpha (Group)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Amphichelydia* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphicoela* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphidiscophora* (Class) see Amphidiscophora (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amphidiscophora (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphidiscosa* (Order) see Amphidiscosida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amphidiscosida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Amphidontoidea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphientometae* (Infraorder) see Amphientometae (Group)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amphientometae (Group)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphiesmenoptera (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amphiesmenoptera (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Amphilinidea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphineura* (Class) see Amphineura* (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphineura* (Subphylum) see Mollusca (Phylum) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Amphinomida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amphinomida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Amphionidacea (Order) Williamson,1973
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amphipoda (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphisbaenia* (Suborder) see Amphisbaenia (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Amphisbaenia (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Amphisternata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Amphitheriida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Amphorales* (Order) see Thalassiophysales (Order) Mann,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Anabantoidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Anabantoidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Anabaritida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anaerobic Photosynthetic Bacteria* (Phylum) see Bacteria (Domain)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anaeromonada (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anaeromonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Anaeroplasmatales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Anagalida (Grandorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Anagalida* (Order) see Anagalida (Grandorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anamorpha* (Superorder) see Anamorpha (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anamorpha (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L anamorphic fungi
H|N|P|R|B|L Anapsida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+o Anapsida (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Anarcestida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anasca (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Anaspida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anaspidacea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anaspidea* (Clade) see Aplysiomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anaspidea* (Order) see Anaspidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anaspidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Anaspidiformes* (Order) see †Anaspida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anaulales (Order) Round & Crawford,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Anaxostylea* (Class) see Eopharyngia (Superclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Anazygidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ancistrocladales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ancistrocomina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ancodonta* (Infraorder) see Suiformes (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ancylopoda* (Suborder) see †Chalicotherioidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ancyromonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ancyropoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Andreaeales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Andreaeidae* (Subclass) see Andreaeopsida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Andreaeopsida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Aneurophytales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Angiospermae* (Subdivision) see Angiospermae (Infraphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Angiospermae (Infraphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Anguilliformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anguilloidei* (Suborder) see Anguilliformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Anguimorpha (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anguinata (Infraorder) Siddiqi,2000
H|N|P|R|B|L Anguinomorpha* (Infraorder) see Anguimorpha (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anhimae* (Suborder) see Anhimides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Anhimides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L animal* (Kingdom) see Animalia (Kingdom) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L Animale* (Kingdom) Linnaeus,1758 see Animalia (Kingdom) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L p Animalia (Kingdom) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L Animalia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Animalia* (Suprakingdom) see Animalia (Kingdom) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L animaux* see Animalia (Kingdom) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L Animaux mollusques (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anisolpidiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anisophylleales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anisophylleales* (Order) Takhtajan,1997 see Anisophylleales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anisoptera (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anisozygoptera (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Ankylosauria (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ankylosauria* (Suborder) see †Ankylosauria (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Annelida (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Annelida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Annelidea* (Midphylum) see Annelida (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Annonales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anocheta* (Superorder) see Spirobolida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anolines* see Anolinae* (Subfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anomalodesmata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anomalodesmata* (Subclass) see Anomalodesmata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L *+g Anomaluromorpha (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anomocoela* (Suborder) see Archeobatrachia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +! †Anomodontia* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anomopoda* (Suborder) see Anomopoda (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anomopoda (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anomura (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anopla (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anoplina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Anoplopomatoidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anoplura (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anoplura* (Suborder) see Anoplura (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anostraca (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anseres* (Suborder) Linnaeus,1758 see Anserides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anseres* (Order) Linnaeus,1758 see Anseres* (Suborder) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L s Anserides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Anseriformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Anserimorphae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Antarctoperlaria (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Antennarioidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Antennophorina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Antennophorina* (Cohort) see Antennophorina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L anterokonts* (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthoathecatae (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthobranches (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthobranchia* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthobranchia* (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthocerophyta* (Phylum) see Anthocerotae (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthocerotae* (Class) see Anthocerotopsida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthocerotae (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anthocerotales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Anthocerotopsida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthomedusae* (Suborder) see Anthoathecatae (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthophyta* (Division) see Anthophyta* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthophyta* (Phylum) see Angiospermae (Infraphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthozoa (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthozoa (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Anthracocaridomorpha (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Anthracosauria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthropoidea (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anthropoidea* (Suborder) see Anthropoidea (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Anthropoidea (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anthuridea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Antiarchi (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Antiarchiformes* (Order) see †Antiarchi (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Antipatharia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Antliophora (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Anura (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Anystina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Anystina* (Cohort) see Anystina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apansporoblastina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Apatotheria (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aphagea (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aphelenchida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aphelenchina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aphelidea (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aphelidea (Class) B.V. Gromov,2000
H|N|P|R|B|L Aphidinea
H|N|P|R|B|L Aphisternata* (Suborder) see Amphisternata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aphragmabacteria* (Phylum) Margulis & Schwartz,1982 see Mollicutes (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aphragmomorpha* (Order) see Aphragmophora (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aphragmophora (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Aphredoderoidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aphroditiformia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aphroditiformia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aphyllophorales* (Order) see Agaricales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apiales* (Order) see Araliales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Apicomonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Apicomplexa (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apicomplexa* (Phylum) see Apicomplexa (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apicomplexa (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Aplacophora (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aplacophora (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aplotegmentaria* (Superorder) see Solenogastres* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aplousobranchia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aplysiomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Apochela (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apochela* (Suborder) see Apochela (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Apocrita (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Apocynales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apoda* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Apodacea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apodes* (Order) Linnaeus,1758 see Anguilliformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apodi* (Suborder) see Apodiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Apodida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Apodiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Apodimorphae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Apogastropoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aponogetonales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Aporata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aporidea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Apororhynchida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Apostomatia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apostomatia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Apostomatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apostomatina* (Suborder) see Apostomatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Appendicularia (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aproctophora* (Interkingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apseudomorpha (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aptera* (Order) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L Apterygiformes* (Order) see Casuarii (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apterygota* (Subclass) see Thysanura (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Apusomonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L apusomonads* (Clade) see Apusomonadidae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Apusozoa (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apusozoa* (Subphylum) see Apusozoa (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Apygophora (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Apygophora* (Suborder) see Apygophora (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aquificae (Class) Anonymous,2002
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aquificae (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aquificae* (Class) see Aquificae (Class) Anonymous,2002
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aquificales (Order) Anonymous,2002
H|N|P|R|B|L Aquificales* (Order) see Aquificales (Order) Anonymous,2002
H|N|P|R|B|L Arabobacteria* (Class) Cavalier-Smith,2002a
H|N|P|R|B|L Arachnida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Arachnoidiscales (Order) Round,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L arachnoidiscids (Clade) Mann,2005
H|N|P|R|B|L Arachnomorpha (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arachnomycetales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Araeolaimida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Araeolaimina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Araeoscelidia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Arales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Araliales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aralianae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aralidiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aranae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Araneae (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Araphidineae* (Suborder) see Fragilariophycidae (Subclass) Round,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L f Arbacioida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Arberiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arcellina* (Suborder) see Arcellinina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arcellinida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arcellinida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arcellinidae* (Order) see Arcellinida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arcellinina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Archaea (Domain) Woese et al.,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaea* (Kingdom) see Archaea (Domain) Woese et al.,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaea* (Superkingdom) see Archaea (Domain) Woese et al.,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaea* (Subkingdom) see Archaea (Domain) Woese et al.,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archaeata* (Kingdom) see †Archaeocyatha* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaebacteria* (Suprakingdom) see Archaebacteria* (Subdomain)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaebacteria* (Division) Cavalier-Smith,2002a see Archaea (Domain) Woese et al.,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaebacteria* (Infrakingdom) see Archaea (Domain) Woese et al.,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaebacteria* (Subdomain) see Archaea (Domain) Woese et al.,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaebacteriobionta (Kingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L +s †Archaemagnoliidae (Subclass) 1998
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Archaeoceti (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archaeoceti* (Suborder) see †Archaeoceti (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Archaeococcoidea (Group)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archaeocyatha* (Phylum) see †Archaeocyatha (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archaeocyatha* (Subphylum) see †Archaeocyatha (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archaeocyatha (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archaeocyathida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaeogastropoda* (Order) see Vetigastropoda* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Archaeoglobales (Order) Anonymous,2002
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaeoglobales* (Order) see Archaeoglobales (Order) Anonymous,2002
H|N|P|R|B|L g Archaeoglobi (Class) Anonymous,2002
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaeoglobi* (Class) see Archaeoglobi (Class) Anonymous,2002
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaeognatha (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Archaeognatha (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archaeopteridales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Archaeopterygiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaeopulmonata* (Order) see Archaepulmonata* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archaeornithes* (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Archaeosporales (Order) Walker & Schüßler,2001
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archaeozoa* (Infrakingdom) see †Archaeocyatha* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaeplastida (Clade) Adl et al.,2005
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaeprotista* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archaepulmonata* (Suborder) see Eupulmonata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archamoebae* (Class) see Pelobiontida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archamoebae* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Archamoebae (Infraphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Archamoebea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archemycota* (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L g Archeobatrachia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archeornithes* (Subclass) see †Archaeornithes* (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archephyta* (Phylum) see Plantae (Kingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archezoa* (Superphylum) see Metamonada (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archezoa* (Phylum) see Archezoa* (Kingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archezoa* (Subkingdom) see Archezoa* (Superphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archezoa* (Kingdom) see Archezoa* (Subkingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archezoa* (Superkingdom) see Archezoa* (Subkingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Archiacanthocephala (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L +* †Archidesmida (Order) Wilson & Anderson,2004
H|N|P|R|B|L g Archidiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archigregarinida* (Order) see Archigregarinorida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Archigregarinorida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Archimetatheria (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archinemertea* (Order) see Palaeonemertea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archiperlaria* (Suborder) Illies,1960 see Eusthenioidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Archipolypoda* (Subclass) see †Archipolypoda (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Archipolypoda (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archischiza* (Series) see Acalyptratae
H|N|P|R|B|L f Archistomatina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Architaenioglossa (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Architaenioglossa (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Architarbida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archonta (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Archonta (Grandorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archoophora* (Superorder) see Turbellaria* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archoophora* (Order) see Proplicastomata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archosauria (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archosauria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Archosauria (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Archosauromorpha (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Archosauromorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Archostemata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arcoida* (Order) see Pteriomorpha (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arctacarina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arctacarina* (Cohort) see Arctacarina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arctiinina (Group)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Arctoidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Arctoperlaria (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Arctostylopida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ardissoneales (Order) Round,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Ardissoniales* (Order) see Ardissoneales (Order) Round,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L f Arecales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Arecanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Arecidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Argentinoidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arguloida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arhynchobdellae* (Order) see Arhynchobdellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Arhynchobdellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aridae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aristolochiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arixeniina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Arkhangelskiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arminoidea* (Suborder) see Arminina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arminoidei* (Suborder) see Arminina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Armophorea (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Armophorida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Armophorida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Armophorina* (Suborder) see Armophorida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arthoniales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arthoniomycetes (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arthoniomycetes (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arthoniomycetidae* (Subclass) see Arthoniomycetes (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arthracanthida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Arthracanthida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Arthrodira (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +o †Arthropleuridea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arthropoda (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arthropoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arthropods
H|N|P|R|B|L * Arthrotardigrada (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Arthrotardigrada* (Suborder) see Arthrotardigrada (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Articulata* (Suborder) see Articulata (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L Articulata* (Clade) see Protostomia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Articulata* (Supraphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Articulata* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Articulata (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Articulata (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Articulates* (Subclass) see Articulata (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Artiodactyla (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Artiopoda (Class) H. Xianguang & J. Bergström,1997
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Asaphida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Asaphina* (Suborder) see †Asaphoidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ascaridida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ascaridina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ascetospora* (Phylum) see Ascetosporea (Class) Cavalier-Smith,2002b
H|N|P|R|B|L Ascetospora (Superclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ascetosporea (Class) Cavalier-Smith,2002b
H|N|P|R|B|L Aschelminthes* (Clade) see Protostomia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L p Aschelminthes (Superphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aschiza
H|N|P|R|B|L Aschiza* (Series) see Aschiza
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Ascidiacea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ascocerida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ascomycetes* (Class) see Ascomycota (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Ascomycota (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ascomycota (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L ascomycote-containing lichens* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ascomycotina* (Subdivision) see Ascomycota (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ascophora (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ascoseirales (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Ascoseirales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ascosphaerales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ascothoracica* (Order) see Ascothoracida (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ascothoracida (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ascothoracida* (Subclass) see Ascothoracida (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Asellariales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Asellota (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aseptatorina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Asiadelphia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Asilomorpha (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Asparagales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Asparagineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Asphodelineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aspidochirotacea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aspidochirotida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aspidogastrea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Aspidorhynchiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aspidosiphoniformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Astacidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Astacura* (Infraorder) see Astacidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Asteliineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Asterales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Asteranae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Asteridae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Asterinales* (Order) see Dothideomycetidae* (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Asteroidea* (Class) see Asteroidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Asteroidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Asterolamprales (Order) Round & Crawford,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L f Asterozoa (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Astigmata* (Suborder) see Astigmata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Astigmata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Astigmata* (Infraorder) see Astigmata* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Astomatia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Astomatia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Astomatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Astomatophorida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Astomatophorina* (Suborder) see Astomatophorida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Astrapotheria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Astrocoeniina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Astrophorida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Astrorhizida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Ateleopodiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ateleopodoidei* (Suborder) see Ateleopodiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Atelocerata* (Clade) see Arthropoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Atelocerata (Infraphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Atelostomata (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Athalamea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Athalamida* (Order) see Athalamea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Athecanephria* (Order) see Siboglinidae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L Athecata* (Order) see Anthoathecatae (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Atheriniformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Atherinoidei* (Suborder) see Atheriniformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Atherinomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Atherinomorpha (Series)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Athyridida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Athyrididina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Atractiellales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Atropetae (Group)
H|N|P|R|B|L Atropetae* (Infraorder) see Atropetae (Group)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Atrypida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Atrypidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Auchenorrhyncha* (Infraorder) see Auchenorrhyncha (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Auchenorrhyncha (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Aucubales (Order) Takhtajan,1997
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Aulacocerida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aulacopoda (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aulacoseirales (Order) Crawford,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Aulacosirales* (Order) Crawford,1990 see Aulacoseirales (Order) Crawford,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L f Aulocalycoida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Aulopiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aulostomoidei* (Suborder) see Syngnathiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Auriculariales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Auromycetidae* (Subclass) see Agaricomycetidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Australidelphia (Magnorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Australosphenida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Austrobaileyales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Autarchoglossa (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Autoceta (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Autospongiae
H|N|P|R|B|L Avemetatarsalia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Avemetatarsalia (Subdivision)
H|N|P|R|B|L Aves (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Aves (Class) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L Avesuchia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Axinellida* (Order) see Halichondrida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L axodines* (Clade) see Dictyochophyceae (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Axonobranchia* (Order) see Siboglinidae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L Axonobranchia* (Class) see Axonobranchia* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Axostylaria* (Subphylum) see Anaeromonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Axostylata* (Phylum) see Metamonada (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Axostylea* (Class) see Anaeromonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Azygiata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Azygiida (Order) Schell,1982

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