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H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Obolellata (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Obolellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Occlusosporida* (Order) see Marteiliida* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Oceanospirillales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ochnales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ochnineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ochromonadales (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ochromonadales* (Order) see Chromulinales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ochromonadineae* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ochrophyta (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Octocorallia* (Subclass) see Alcyonaria (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Octopoda (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Octopodiformes (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Odaraiida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Odonata (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L Odonata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Odontoceta* (Order) see Odontoceti (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Odontoceti* (Suborder) see Odontoceti (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Odontoceti (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Odontognathae* (Superorder) see †Archaeornithes* (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Odontophorida (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Odontopleurida* (Order) see †Odontopleuroidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L Odontostomatida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Odontostomatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Oedischiidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Oedogoniales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Oegophiurida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oegopsida* (Suborder) see Oegopsina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oegopsida* (Order) see Oegopsida* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Oegopsina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Oldhaminidina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Oleales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Oleanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Olenellina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Olenina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Oligacanthorhynchida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oligochaeta (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oligoentomata* (Subclass) see Elliplura (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oligohymenophora* (Class) see Oligohymenophorea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Oligohymenophorea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oligohymenophorea (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oligotrichia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Oligotrichia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oligotrichida* (Order) see Oligotrichia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oligotrichina* (Suborder) see Oligotrichia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Olpidiopsidales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ommatophora* (Superorder) see Polyzoniida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Omnibacteria* (Phylum) Margulis & Schwartz,1982 see Bacteria (Domain)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Omphalosauria (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Onagrineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Oncholaimina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Oniscidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oniscoidea* (Suborder) see Oniscidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oniscomorpha* (Order) see Oniscomorpha* (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oniscomorpha* (Superorder) see Pentazonia (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Onychodontida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Onychodontiformes* (Suborder) see †Onychodontida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Onychopalpida (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+c Onychophora (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Onychophora* (Order) see Onychophora (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Onychophora* (Subphylum) see Onychophora (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Onychopoda* (Order) see Onychopoda (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Onychopoda* (Suborder) see Onychopoda (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Onychopoda (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Onygenales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oomycetes (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oomycota (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opalinata* (Class) see Opalinatea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opalinata (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Opalinata (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Opalinea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opalinea (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opalines* see Opalinidae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opalinida* (Order) see Slopalinida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opalinids* (Class) see Opalinidae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opalozoa (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Opecoelata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Operculata* (Infraphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L Operculatae* (Series) see Chytridiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opheliida* (Order) see Scolecida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ophiacodontia* (Suborder) see †Pelycosauria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ophicephaloidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Ophidiiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ophidioidei* (Suborder) see Ophidiiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ophiocistioidea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ophioglossales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ophioglossopsida* (Class) see Ophioglossales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ophioglossopsida* (Subdivision) see Ophioglossopsida* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ophiomyxina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ophiostomatales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ophisthomi (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ophiurae* (Order) see Ophiurida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ophiurida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ophiuroidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ophiuroidea* (Class) see Ophiuroidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ophryoglenina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Opilioacarida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opilioacariformes* (Suborder) see Opilioacariformes* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opilioacariformes* (Order) see Opilioacarida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Opiliones (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Opisthobranchia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Opisthobranchia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opisthobranchia* (Subclass) see Opisthobranchia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L opisthobranchs* see Opisthobranchia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opisthocoela* (Suborder) see Archeobatrachia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Opisthocomida (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opisthocomiformes* (Order) see Opisthocomida (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opisthokonta (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L opisthokonts* (Clade) see Opisthokonta (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opisthopneumona* (Subclass) Minichev,1975 see Systellommatophora* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Opisthopora (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Opisthorchiata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Opisthorchiida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Orbiliales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Orbiliomycetes (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orbiliomycetes (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orbiniida* (Order) see Scolecida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orboidea* (Order) see Nassellarida* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Orchidales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Orchocladina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Orectolobiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Organisms Metabolizing Sulfur*
H|N|P|R|B|L Oribatei* (Suborder) see Oribatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Oribatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oribatida* (Infraorder) see Oribatida* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oribatida* (Suborder) see Oribatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ornithischia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ornithischia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ornithodelphia* (Infraclass) see Prototheria (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ornithodira (Infradivision)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ornithodira (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Ornithomimosauria* (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ornithomorpha (Supercohort)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ornithomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Ornithopoda (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ornithopoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Ornithopoda* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ornithosuchia* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ornithothoraces (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ornithothoraces (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ornithurae (Cohort)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ornithurae (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Orodontiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Orthida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Orthidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Orthocerida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Orthogastropoda (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Orthogastropoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Orthognatha (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthomycotina* (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998 see Basidiomycota (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthonectida* (Class) Giard,1880 see Orthonectida (Phylum) Giard,1880
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthonectida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Orthonectida (Phylum) Giard,1880
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthoptera (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthopterida (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthopterodea* (Superorder) see Orthoptera (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthopteroida* (Superorder) see Orthoptera (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthopteroidea* (Superorder) see Orthoptera (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthorrhapha* (Infraorder) see Orthorrhapha
H|N|P|R|B|L f Orthorrhapha
H|N|P|R|B|L f Orthoseirales (Order) Crawford,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L g Orthosterni (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Orthotetida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Orthotetidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Orthothecida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Orthotrichales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Orthurethra (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Orthurethra* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oscillatoriales* (Order) see Oscillatoriales (Order) Cavalier-Smith,2002a
H|N|P|R|B|L g Oscillatoriales (Order) Cavalier-Smith,2002a
H|N|P|R|B|L Oscines* (Suborder) see Passeri (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Osmeriformes* (Order) see Salmoniformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Osmeroidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Osmundales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Ostariophysi (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ostariophysi* (Order) see Ostariophysi (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ostariophysi (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ostariophysi* (Superorder) see Ostariophysi (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Osteichthyes (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Osteichthyes (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Osteoglossiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Osteoglossoidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Osteoglossomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Osteoglossomorpha (Infradivision)
H|N|P|R|B|L Osteoglossomorpha* (Subdivision) see Osteoglossomorpha (Infradivision)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Osteolepidida (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Osteolepidida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Osteolepiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Osteostraci (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ostiomycetidae* (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith,1998 see Sordariomycetidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ostraca (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ostracoda* (Order) see Ostracoda (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Ostracoda (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ostracoda* (Subclass) see Ostracoda (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ostracodermata* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ostreina* (Suborder) see Pteriomorpha (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ostreoida* (Order) see Pteriomorpha (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ostropales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ostropomycetidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Otidides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Otocephala (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L *+o Otocephala (Subcohort)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Oviraptorosauria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Oviraptorosauria* (Infraorder) see †Oviraptorosauria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oweniida* (Order) see Sabellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Oxalidales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxidizers of Nitrogen Compounds* (Class) see Proteobacteria (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxidizers of Sulfur Compounds* (Class) see Thiotrichales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Oxymonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxymonadida* (Subclass) see Oxymonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxymonadida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxynoacea* (Clade) see Oxynooidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxynoacea* (Suborder) see Oxynooidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxynoidei* (Suborder) see Oxynoacea* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxyphotobacteriae* (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxyrhyncha* (Section) see Heterotremata (Subsection)
H|N|P|R|B|L Oxystomata* (Section) see Heterotremata (Subsection)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ozarkodinida (Order)

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