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H|N|P|R|B|L Radiata* (Superphylum) see Radiata (Subkingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L p Radiata (Subkingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiata (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiata* see Radiata (Subkingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiata* (Kingdom) see Radiata* (Superphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiata (Grade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiata* (Division) see Radiata (Subkingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiolaria* (Order) see Actinopoda* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiolaria* (Class) see Radiozoa (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiolaria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiolaria (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiolaria* (Subclass) see Actinopoda* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Radiozoa (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Radulinae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rafflesiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rafflesianae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Rajiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Ralli (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L ramicristate amoebae*
H|N|P|R|B|L ramicristates* (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ramicristea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ramicristia* (Subclass) see Ramicristea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Ramphastides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rangeomorpha (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Raninoida (Subsection)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Ranunculales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ranunculanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Ranunculidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rapateales* (Order) see Rapateales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rapateales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Raphidiodea* (Suborder) see Raphidioptera (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L raphidiophytes* see raphidophytes*
H|N|P|R|B|L f Raphidioptera (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Raphidoidineae* (Suborder) see Eunotiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Raphidomonadales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Raphidomonadida* (Order) see Raphidophyceae (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Raphidomonads* (Class) see Raphidomonadales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Raphidophyceae (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Raphidophyceae (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Raphidophyta* (Phylum) see Ochrophyta (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L raphidophytes* see Raphidophyceae (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Raphignathae (Section)
H|N|P|R|B|L Raphignathae* (Subcohort) see Raphignathae (Section)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Ratitae (Parvclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rauisuchia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rectangulata (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rectangulata* (Suborder) see Rectangulata (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Redlichiida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Redlichiina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Regulares* (Class) see †Archaeocyatha (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+o Remipedia (Class) Yager,1981
H|N|P|R|B|L Reptantia* (Suborder) see Pleocyemata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Reptiles* (Order) Linnaeus,1758 see Reptilia* (Class) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L Reptilia* (Class) Linnaeus,1758 see Sauropsida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Reptiliomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Reptiliomorpha (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Resedineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Restionales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Retaria* (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith,2002b see Rhizaria (Infrakingdom) Cavalier-Smith,2002b
H|N|P|R|B|L Reticulobosina* (Suborder) see Reticulolobosina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Reticulofilosa* (Subphylum) see Reticulofilosa (Superclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L c Reticulofilosa (Superclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Reticulolobosina* (Suborder) see Phryganellina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Reticulosa (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Retifaciida (Order) H. Xianguang & J. Bergström,1997
H|N|P|R|B|L Retortamonada* (Phylum) see Retortamonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Retortamonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Retortamonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Retortamonadida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Retortamonadida* (Subclass) see Retortamonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Retortomonads* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Retziidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Rhabditia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabditida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabditina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabditophora (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabditophora (Infraphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabdocoela (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabdocoela* see Rhabdocoela (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabdomonadales* (Order) see Rhabdomonadina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Rhabdomonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabdomonadina* (Suborder) see Rhabdomonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhabdonematales (Order) Round & Crawford,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabdophora* (Subphylum) see Intramacronucleata (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Rhabdopleurida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhabdosina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhacopoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhamnales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhamnanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhamphastides* (Infraorder) see Ramphastides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhamphorhynchoidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhaphoneidales (Order) Round,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Rheae* (Suborder) see Rheides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Rheides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rheiformes* (Order) see Rheides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhenanida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhenaniformes* (Order) see †Rhenanida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhinobatiformes* (Order) see Rajiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhipidiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhipidistia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizaria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizaria (Infrakingdom) Cavalier-Smith,2002b
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhizobiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhizocephala (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizocephala* (Order) see Rhizocephala (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhizochloridales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhizochromulinales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizochromulinales (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhizochromulinea (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizochrysidales* (Order) see Chrysamoebidales* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhizodontida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizoflabellina* (Suborder) see Leptomyxida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizomastigida* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhizomorina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhizophorales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizophoranae* (Superorder) see Rhizophoranae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhizophoranae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizopoda* (Subclass) see Rhizopoda* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizopoda* (Phylum) see Cercozoa (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizopoda* (Superphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizopoda* (Superclass) see Rhizopoda* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizopodea* (Class) see Rhizopoda* (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhizosoleniales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L rhizosolenids (Clade) Mann,2005
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizosoleniineae* (Suborder) see Rhizosoleniales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhizosoleniophycidae (Subclass) Round & Crawford,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhizostomae* (Order) see Rhizostomeae (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Rhizostomeae (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Rhodellophyceae (Class) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L o Rhodellophytina (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhodobacterales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodobacteria* (Subphylum) see Proteobacteria (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L c Rhodobacteria (Subdivision) Cavalier-Smith,2002a
H|N|P|R|B|L * Rhodochaetales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodocyanobionta* (Kingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhodocyclales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodogorgonales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodophyceae* (Class) see Macrorhodophytina (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodophyceae (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodophycota* (Division) see Rhodophyta (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodophyta* (Infrakingdom) Cavalier-Smith,1998 see Rhodophyta (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodophyta (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodopida* (Order) see Systellommatophora* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rhodospirillales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodospirillineae*
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhodymeniales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Rhoipteleales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhombifera (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhombozoa* (Phylum) see Rhombozoa* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhombozoa* (Class) see Dicyemida (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhombozoa (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhopalodiales (Order) Mann,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhynchobdellae* (Order) see Rhynchobdellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhynchobdellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhynchocephalia* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhynchodia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhynchodia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rhynchodida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Rhynchodina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Rhynchonellata (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+f Rhynchonellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Rhynchonelliformea (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Rhynchophtirina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhynchosauria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhynchosaurida* (Suborder) see †Rhynchosauria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhyncophthirina* (Suborder) see Rhynchophtirina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Rhyniales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhyniophyta* (Phylum) see †Rhyniopsida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rhyniopsida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rhytismatales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ribeirioida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Ribeiroida* (Order) see †Ribeirioida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Ricciinae* (Suborder) see Ricciineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ricciineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Ricinulei (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rickettsiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rickettsias* see Rickettsiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rickettsias and Chlamydias* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Riftiida* (Order) see Axonobranchia* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g RNA Reverse Transcribing Viruses
H|N|P|R|B|L g RNA viruses
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Robertinida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Rodentia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rodentia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Roridulales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rosales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rosanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rosidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rostroconchia (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rotaliida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rotaliina* (Suborder) see Rotaliida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rotifera (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rotifera* (Infraphylum) see Rotifera (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rotifera (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Rotulina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rozellopsidales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rubiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rubrobacterales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rubrobacteridae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Rubrobacterineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rudimicrosporea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rudophytae* (Infraphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998 see Charophyta (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Rugosa (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Ruminantia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Rumpomycetidae* (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith,1998 see Chytridiomycetes (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Runcinoidea* (Order) see Cephalaspidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Russulales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rutales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rutanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Rutineae (Suborder)

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