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H|N|P|R|B|L f Tabanomorpha (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tabellariales (Order) Round,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tabulata* (Subclass) see †Tabulata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tabulata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tabulospongida* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Taccales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Tachyglossa (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Taeniodonta (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Taeniodonta* (Order) see †Taeniodonta (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Takakiinae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tamaricales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tanaidacea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tanaidomorpha (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tantulocarida* (Class) Boxshall & Lincoln,1983 see Tantulocarida (Subclass) Boxshall & Lincoln,1983
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tantulocarida (Subclass) Boxshall & Lincoln,1983
H|N|P|R|B|L Taphrinales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Taphrinomycetes (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Taphrinomycetes (Class) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L Taphrinomycetidae* (Subclass) see Taphrinomycetes (Class) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L Taphrinomycotina (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Taphrinomycotina* (Subphylum) see Ascomycota (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Tapiromorpha (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tardigrada (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tardigrada* (Superclass) see Tardigrada (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tardigradea* (Midphylum) see Tardigrada (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Targioniinae* (Suborder) see Marchantiineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tarrasiiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tarsii* (Infraorder) see Tarsioidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Tarsiiformes (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Taxales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Taxopodida* (Order) see Sticholonche (Genus)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tecophilaeales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tectibranches (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tectibranchia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tectofilosida (Order) Cavalier-Smith & Chao,2003
H|N|P|R|B|L Teichobacteria* (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998 see Bacteria (Domain)
H|N|P|R|B|L Teleostei (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Teleostei* (Division) see Teleostei (Subdivision)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Teleostei (Subdivision)
H|N|P|R|B|L Teleostei* see Teleostei* (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L Telestacea* (Order) see Stolonifera (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Teliomycetes* (Class) see Urediniomycetes (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Teloblastica* (Clade) see Protostomia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Teloschistales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Telosporea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Temnocephalida (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Temnopleuroida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Temnospondyli (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tenericutes* (Division) see Tenericutes* (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tentaculata (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tentaculata* (Midphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Teratocephalina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Terebellida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Terebellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Terebelliformia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Terebrantia* see Parasitica (Series)
H|N|P|R|B|L g+g Terebrantia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Terebratellidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Terebratulida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Terebratulidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Terricola* (Suborder) see Terricola
H|N|P|R|B|L f Terricola
H|N|P|R|B|L Testacea* (Order) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L Testacea* (Subclass) see Arcellinida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Testaceafilosea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Testaceafilosida* (Order) see Testate Filose Amoebae*
H|N|P|R|B|L Testacealobosa* (Subclass) see testate lobose amoebae*
H|N|P|R|B|L Testacealobosea* (Class) see Amoebozoa (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Testacealobosia* (Subclass) see testate lobose amoebae*
H|N|P|R|B|L Testacealobosia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Testaria* (Clade) see Eumollusca (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L testate amoebae with filopodia* see Testaceafilosea* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Testate Filose Amoebae* see testate amoebae with filopodia*
H|N|P|R|B|L testate lobose amoebae* see Arcellinida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Testicardines* (Subclass) see Articulata* (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Testudines (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Testudines (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tetanurae (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetanurae (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Tethytheria (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tethytheria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetrabranchiata* (Subclass) see Nautiloidea (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetracladina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tetractinomorpha (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tetradiclidineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tetragonidiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetrahymenina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tetramerocerata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetramitia* (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Tetraodontiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Tetraodontoidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tetraphidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tetraphyllidea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetraphytae* (Infraphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998 see Chlorophyta (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetrapoda (Superclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetrapoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetrapodomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tetrapodomorpha (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Tetrasporales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetrigidea* (Infraorder) see Acrididea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tetrigodea* (Suborder) see Tetrigidea* (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tettigoniidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tettigoniodea* (Suborder) see Tettigoniidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Teuthida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Teuthoidea* (Order) see Teuthida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tevniida* (Order) see Basibranchia* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Textulariida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Textulariina* (Suborder) see Textulariida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Thalamida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Thalassinidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Thalassionematales (Order) Round,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L f Thalassiophysales (Order) Mann,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L f Thalassiosirales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Thalassiosirophycidae (Subclass) Round & Crawford,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L * Thalassocalycida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thalassomycetales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Thalattosauria (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Thalattosuchia (Subdivision)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thaliacea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thallobionta* (Subkingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thallophyta* (Subkingdom)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Thamnophilida (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thaumatomonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thaumatomonadida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Theales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Theanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thecamoebida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thecanephria* (Order) see Siboglinidae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Thecideida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thecideidina* (Order) see Thecideida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Thecideidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thecina* (Suborder) see Euamoebida* (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Thecodontia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Thecofilosea (Class) Cavalier-Smith & Chao,2003
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thecomonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thecosomata* (Order) see Thecosomata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Thecosomata (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f+f Thecosomata (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thecostraca (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Thecostraca (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thecostracomorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thelebolales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Thelephorales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Thelodonti (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Thelodontiformes* (Order) see †Thelodonti (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Therapsida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Therapsida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Theria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Theria* (Subclass) see Theria (Supercohort)
H|N|P|R|B|L !+g Theria (Supercohort)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Theridomyomorpha (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Theriiformes (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L !+g Theriiformes (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Theriimorpha (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Theriodontia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thermales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thermoanaerobacteriales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Thermococcales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Thermococci (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Thermodesulfobacteria (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Thermodesulfobacteria (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Thermodesulfobacteriales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thermomicrobia (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thermomicrobia* (Phylum) see Chloroflexi (Phylum) Garrity & Holt,2001
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thermomicrobiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thermoplasmales* (Order) see Thermoplasmatales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Thermoplasmata (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Thermoplasmatales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thermoproteales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thermoprotei (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thermosbaenacea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thermotogae (Phylum) Margulis & Schwartz,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thermotogae (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thermotogales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Thermozodia (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Therocephalia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Theropoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Theropoda (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Thigmotrichida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thigmotrichina* (Suborder) see Thigmotrichida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L c Thiobacteria (Subdivision) Cavalier-Smith,2002a
H|N|P|R|B|L Thiobacteria* (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998 see Proteobacteria (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thiopneutes* (Phylum) Margulis & Schwartz,1982 see Deltaproteobacteria (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thiotrichales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thoracica* (Order) see Thoracica (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Thoracica (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thoracici* (Order) Linnaeus,1758
H|N|P|R|B|L Thoracopoda (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thoracosphaerales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thoracotremata (Subsection)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thraustochytriales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L thraustochytrids* see Thraustochytriaceae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thraustochytriida* (Order) see Thraustochytriales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Thymelaeales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Thyreophora (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Thyreophora (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g+g Thysanoptera (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Thysanura (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Thysanura (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tilletiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tillodontia* (Order) see †Tillodontia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Tillodontia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tilopteridales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tilopteridales (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Timematidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Timematodea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Tinamiformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tineiformes (Series)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tineina (Subsection)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tineina (Section)
H|N|P|R|B|L g+g Tintinnida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tintinnina* (Suborder) see Tintinnida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tipulomorpha (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Titanosauriformes (Infradivision)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Titanosauriformes (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Todida (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Togobacteria* (Subphylum) see Bacteria (Domain)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Toricelliales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Torpediniformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Toxariales (Order) Round,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L †Toxodonta* (Suborder) see †Toxodontia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Toxodontia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tracheata* see Tracheophyta (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L Tracheata* (Infraphylum) see Atelocerata (Infraphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tracheophyta (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L * Trachinoidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Trachipteroidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trachylina (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trachymedusae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trachypteroidei* (Suborder) see Trachipteroidei (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tragulina* (Infraorder) see Ruminantia (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trapineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trebouxiophyceae (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trebouxiophyceae (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trechnotheria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L !+g Trechnotheria (Superlegion)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trematoda (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trematoda (Infraphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trematosauria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Trematosauria (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tremellales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tremellomycetidae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trentepohliales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trepaxonemata* see Platyhelminthes (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trepomonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trepostomata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Treubiineae (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Triaenosina* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Triblidiales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tribonematales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tribonematales (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tribophyceae* (Class) see Xanthophyceae (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L !+g Tribosphenida (Infralegion)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Triceratiales (Order) Round & Crawford,1990
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichiales* (Order) see Trichiida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trichiida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trichocephalatina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trichocephalida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichomonada* (Class) see Trichomonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trichomonadea (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichomonadea* (Order) see Trichomonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichomonadida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trichomonadida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichomycetalia* (Superorder) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trichomycetes (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trichonymphea (Class) Cavalier-Smith,2003
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trichonymphida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichonymphida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichonymphina* (Suborder) see Trichonymphida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trichoptera (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L trichosid amoebae* see Trichosidae (Family)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Trichosida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trichosphaeriales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trichostomatia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichostomatia (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichostomatida* (Order) see Trichostomatia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichostomatina* (Suborder) see Trichostomatia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trichotheliales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trichozoa (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trichozoa* (Phylum) see Trichozoa (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tricladida* (Order) see Tricladida (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tricladida (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Triconodonta* (Order) see †Triconodonta (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Triconodonta (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tricranocladina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tridactylidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tridactylodea* (Suborder) see Tridactylidea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trigonioida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trigoniulidea (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trigonocarpales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trigonopterygidea* (Infraorder) see Acrididea (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trigonotarbida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trilliales (Order) Takhtajan,1997
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trilobita (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trilobita (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trilobitomorpha* (Superclass) see †Trilobitomorpha (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trilobitomorpha (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trilobozoa (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trilobozoa (Phylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L * Trimastigida (Order) Cavalier-Smith,2003
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Trimerellida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trimerophytales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trimerophytopsida (Class)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trimusculiformes (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trinucleina* (Suborder) see †Trinucleoidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L +f †Triplesiidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Triploblastica* (Clade) see Bilateria (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tripylina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tripyloidina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tritocerebra (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Trituberculata* (Infraclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Triuridales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Triuridanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Triurididae (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trochaeozoa* see Bilateria*
H|N|P|R|B|L Trochata* (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith,1998
H|N|P|R|B|L Trochili* (Suborder) see Trochiliformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Trochiliformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trochina* (Suborder) see Trochoidea (Superfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Trochodendrales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trochodendranae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trochozoa (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Troctomorpha (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trogiomorpha (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Troglotremata (Suborder) Schell,1982
H|N|P|R|B|L s Trogoniformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trombidiformes* (Infraorder) see Trombidiformes* (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tropaeolales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tropidurines* see Tropidurinae (Subfamily)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tryblidiida* (Order) see Monoplacophorida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tryblidioidea* (Order) see Monoplacophorida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Trypanorhyncha (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trypanosomatida (Clade)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Trypanosomatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Trypanosomatina* (Suborder) see Trypanosomatida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tuberales* (Order) see Pezizales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tuberculariales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tubificata* (Subclass) see Tubificida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tubificida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tubificina* (Suborder) see Tubificida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tuboidea (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tubulicorticata* (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L *+g Tubulidentata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tubulifera (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tubulina* (Suborder) see Tubulinida (Order) A. Smirnov et al.,2005
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tubulinea (Class) A. Smirnov et al.,2005
H|N|P|R|B|L Tubulinea (Clade) A. Smirnov et al.,2005
H|N|P|R|B|L Tubulinida (Clade) A. Smirnov et al.,2005
H|N|P|R|B|L ! Tubulinida (Order) A. Smirnov et al.,2005
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tubuliporata (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tubuliporina (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tubuliporina* (Suborder) see Tubuliporina (Division)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tulasnellales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tulostomatales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tumulosina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L o Tunicata (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Turbellaria (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L Turbellaria* (Class) see Turbellaria (Subphylum)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Turnicae (Parvclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Turniciformes (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L †Tuzoiida (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tylenchata (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Tylenchia (Subclass)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tylenchida (Order) Thorne,1949
H|N|P|R|B|L g Tylenchina (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Tylomorpha (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s+g Tylopoda (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Typhales (Order)
H|N|P|R|B|L g Typhanae (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Typhlogena* (Superorder) see Helminthomorpha (Superorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L f Typhloplanida (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L Typhloplanoida* (Suborder) see Typhloplanida (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L +g †Typotheria (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Tyranni (Suborder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Tyrannida (Parvorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Tyrannides (Infraorder)
H|N|P|R|B|L s Tytonida (Parvorder)

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