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Person: D.E. Johnston
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D.E. Johnston (Donald)


Fain, A. & Johnston, D.E., 1975. A new algophagin mite, Algophagopsis pneumatica gen. n., sp. n. living in a river (Astigmata: Hyadesidae). Bull. Annls. Soc. Roy. Entomol. Belg. 111: 65-70.
Bruce, W.A. & Johnston, D.E., 1976. Gaudoglyphus n. gen., based on Analges minor Nörner (Acari: Gaudoglyphidae n. fam.). International Journal of Acarology 2: 29-33.
Moraza, M.L. & Johnston, D.E., 2002. Observations on Neoparasitus (=Bulbogamasus) associated with scarabaeid beetles in Indonesia (Acari: Mesostigmata). Internat. J. Acarol. 28 (3): 257-260.


Johnston, D.E., 1982. Acari. In S.P. Parker (ed.), Syn. Classif. Liv. Org. 2: 111-117.
Johnston, D.E., 1982. Oribatida. In S.P. Parker (ed.), Syn. Classif. Liv. Org. 2: 145-146.
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