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Person: S.A. Karpov
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S.A. Karpov (Sergey/Serguei)


Karpov, S.A., 1990. System of Protista. Omsk: [1]-172, pls. 51-70.


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Myl'nikov, A.P. & Karpov, S.A., 2004. Review of diversity and taxonomy of cercomonads. Protistology 3 (4): 201-217.
Karpov, S.A., Bass, D., Mylnikov, A.P. & Cavalier-Smith, T., 2006. Molecular phylogeny of Cercomonadidae and kinetid patterns of Cercomonas and Eocercomonas gen. nov. (Cercomonadida, Cercozoa). Protist 157: 125-158.
Karpov, S.A., Mamkaeva, M.A., Aleoshin, V.V., Nassonova, E., Lilje, O. & Gleason, F.H., 2014. Morphology, phylogeny, and ecology of the aphelids (Aphelidea, Opisthokonta) and proposal for the new superphylum Opisthosporidia. Front. Microbiol. 5 (112), 28 Mar 2014: 1-11.


Karpov, S.A., 2000. Flagellate phylogeny. In B.S.C. Leadbeater & J.C. Green (eds.), The Flagellates. The Systematics Association Special Volume Series 59. Taylor & Francis, London/New York: 336-360.
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