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Person: J.S. Nelson
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J.S. Nelson (Joseph)


Nelson, J.S., 1994. Fishes of the World. 3rd Edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
Nelson, J.S., 2006. Fishes of the World. 4th Edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Mar 2006: 624 pp..
Nelson, J.S., Schultze, H.-P. & Wilson, M.V.H. (eds.), 2010. Origin and Phylogenetic Interrelationships of Teleosts. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, München, Germany.
Nelson, J.S., Grande, T.C. & Wilson, M.V.H., 2016. Fishes of the World. Fifth Edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey: [i]-xli, 1-707.


Nelson, J.S., 1978. Limnichthys polyactis, a new species of blennioid fish from New Zealand, with notes on the taxonomy and distribution of other Creediidae (including Limnichthyidae). N.Z. J. Zool. 5(2): 351-364.
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