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Person: B.M. OConnor
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B.M. OConnor (Barry)


OConnor, B.M. & Reisen, W.K., 1978. Chiroptoglyphus, a new genus of mites associated with bats with comments on the family Rosensteiniidae (Acari: Astigmata). International Journal of Acarology 4 (3): 179-193.
OConnor, B.M., 1979. A new species of Ctenoglyphus (Acari: Glycyphagidae) from Meriones unguiculatus (Rodentia: Cricetidae) with notes on the subfamily Ctenoglyphinae. J. Med. Entomol. 15: 265-271.
Spicka, E.J. & OConnor, B.M., 1980. Description and life-cycle of Glycyphagus (Myacarus) microti sp. n. (Acarina: Sarcoptiformes: Glycyphagidae) from Microtus pinetorum from New York, U.S.A. Acarologia 21: 451-476.
Fashing, N.J., OConnor, B.M. & Kitching, R., 2000. Lamingtonacarus, a new genus of Algophagidae (Acari : Astigmata) from water-filled treeholes in Queensland, Australia. Invertebrate Taxonomy 14 (4): 591-606.
Schatz, H., Behan-Pelletier, V.M., OConnor, B.M. & Norton, R.A., 2011. Suborder Oribatida van der Hammen, 1968. In Z.-Q. Zhang (ed.), Animal biodiversity. Zootaxa 3148, 23 Dec 2011: 141-148.


OConnor, B.M., 1982. Astigmata. In S.P. Parker (ed.), Syn. Classif. Liv. Org. 2: 146-169.
OConnor, B.M., 2009. Astigmatina. In G.W. Krantz & D.E. Walter (eds.), A Manual of Acarology, 3rd Edition. Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock: 565-657.
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