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Person: R.E. Koske
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R.E. Koske


Koske, R.E., Miller D.D. & Walker, C., 1983. Gigaspora reticulata: a newly described endomycorrhizal fungus from New England. Mycotaxon 16 (2): 429-435.
Koske, R.E. & Walker, C., 1984. Gigaspora erythropa, a new species forming arbuscular mycorrhizae. Mycologia 76 (2): 250-255.
Koske, R.E. & Walker, C., 1985. Species of Gigaspora (Endogonaceae) with roughened outer walls. Mycologia 77: 702-720.
Koske, R.E. & Walker, C., 1986. Species of Scutellospora with smooth-walled spores from maritime sand dunes: two new species and a redescription of the spores of Scutellospora pellucida and Scutellospora calospora. Mycotaxon 27: 219-235.
Koske, R.E. & Walker, C., 1986. Glomus globiferum: a new species of Endogonaceae with a hyphal peridium. Mycotaxon 26: 133-142.
Koske, R.E., Friese, C., Walker, C. & Dalpe, Y., 1986. Glomus pustulatum: a new species in the Endogonaceae. Mycotaxon 26: 143-149.
Walker, C. & Koske, R.E., 1987. Taxonomic concepts in the Endogonaceae: IV. Glomus fasciculatum redescribed. Mycotaxon 30: 253-262.
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