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Person: S.B. Hedges
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S.B. Hedges (Blair)


Hedges, S.B. & Kumar, S. (eds.), 2009. The TimeTree of Life. Oxford University Press, New York: xxi + 551 pp..


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Battistuzzi, F.U., Feijao, A. & Hedges, S.B., 2004. A genomic timescale of prokaryote evolution: insights into the origin of methanogenesis, phototrophy, and the colonization of land. BMC Evolutionary Biology 4, 9 Nov 2004: 44 (1-14).
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Vidal, N., Azvolinsky, A., Cruaud, C. & Hedges, S.B., 2007. Origin of tropical American burrowing reptiles by transatlantic rafting. Biol. Lett.: [1]-4.
Diaz, L.M. & Hedges, S.B., 2008. A new gecko of the genus Tarentola (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Eastern Cuba. Zootaxa 1743: 43-52.
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Hedges, S.B., 2014. The high-level classification of skinks (Reptilia, Squamata, Scincomorpha). Zootaxa 3765 (4): 317-338.


Vidal, N., Rage, J.-C., Couloux, A. & Hedges, S.B., 2009. Snakes (Serpentes). In S.B. Hedges & S. Kumar (eds.), The Timetree of Life. Oxford University Press, New York: 390-397.


Kingdon, J., Seiffert, E.R., Hedges, B. & Rathbun, G., 2013. Supercohort Afrotheria. In J. Kingdon, D. Happold, M. Hoffmann, T. Butynski, M. Happold & J. Kalina (eds.), Mammals of Africa 1: 143-146.
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