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Person: S. Luff
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S. Luff


Le Tacon, F., Alvarez, I.F., Bouchard, D., Henrion, B., Jackson, R.M., Luff, S., Parlade, J.I., Pera, J., Stenström, E., Villeneuve, N. & Walker, C., 1992. Variations in field response of forest trees to nursery ectomycorrhizal inoculation in Europe. In D.J. Read et al. (eds.) Mycorrhizas in Ecosystems, C·A·B International, Wallingford, UK.: 119-134.
Jackson, R.M., Walker, C., Luff, S. & McEvoy, C., 1995. Inoculation and field testing of Sitka spruce and Douglas fir with ectomycorrhizal fungi in the United Kingdom. Mycorrhiza 5: 165-173.
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