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Person: R.A. Fensome
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R.A. Fensome (Robert)

Series volumes

Fensome, R.A., Taylor, F.J.R., Norris, G., Sarjeant, W.A.S., Wharton, D.I. & Williams, G.L., 1993. A classification of living and fossil dinoflagellates. Micropaleontology, Special publication no. 7. Sheridan Press, Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA: 351 pp..


Fensome, R.A. & Williams, G.L., 2004. The Lentin and Williams Index of Fossil Dinoflagellates. 2004 Edition: 909 pp..


Adl, S.M., Simpson, A.G.B., Farmer, M.A., Andersen, R.A., Anderson, O.R., Barta, J.R., Bowser, S.S., Brugerolle, G., Fensome, R.A., Fredericq, S., James, T.Y., Karpov, S., Kugrens, P., Krug, J., Lane, C.E., Lewis, L.A., Lodge, J., Lynn, D.H. et al., 2005. The New Higher Level Classification of Eukaryotes with Emphasis on the Taxonomy of Protists. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol. 52 (5), Sep-Oct 2005: 399-451.


Fensome, R.A., MacRae, R.A. & Williams, G.L., 2008. DINOFLAJ2, Version 1. American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists, Data Series no. 1, 1 Aug 2008.
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