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Person: A.V. Smirnov
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A.V. Smirnov (Alexey)


Smirnov, A.V. & Goodkov, A.V., 1993. Paradermamoeba valamo n. g, n. sp. (Gymnamoebia, Thecamoebidae) - freshwater amoeba from the bottom sediments. Zool. Zh. 72: 5-11.
Smirnov, A.V. & Goodkov, A.V., 1994. Freshwater Gymnamoebae with a new type of surface structure - Paradermamoeba valamo and P. levis n. sp. (Thecamoebidae), and notes on the diagnosis of the family. Acta Protozool. 33: 109-115.
Smirnov, A.V. & Fenchel, T., 1996. Vahlkampfia anaerobica n. sp. and Vannella peregrinia n. sp. (Rhizopoda) - anaerobic amoebae from marine sediments. Arch. Protistenk. 147: 189-198.
Smirnov, A.V., 1997. Two new species of marine amoebae: Hartmannella lobifera n. sp. and Korotnevella nivo n. sp. (Lobosea, Gymnamoebia). Arch. Protistenk. 147: 283-292.
Smirnov, A.V. & Goodkov, A.V., 1997. Description of the large multinucleate lobose amoeba Chaos glabrum sp. n. (Lobosea, Amoebidae), with notes on the diagnosis of the genus Chaos. Acta Protozool. 36: 227-233.
Smirnov, A.V. & Goodkov, A.V., 1998. Study of Polychaos annulatum Penard, 1902 comb. nov. (Gymnamoebia, Amoebidae) with taxonomical analysis of Polychaos fasciculatum-like species. Europ. J. Protistol. 34: 1-9.
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Smirnov, A.V., Nassonova, E.S., Holzmann, M. & Pawlowski, J., 2002. Morphological, ecological and molecular studies of Vannella simplex Wohlfarth-Bottermann 1960 (Lobosea, Gymnamoebia), with a new diagnosis of this species. Protist 153: 367-377.
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Smirnov, A., 2012. Amoebas, Lobose. In M. Schaechter (ed.), Eukaryotic Microbes. Academic Press: 191-211.


Smirnov, A., 2000-2003. Free-living Gymnamoebia (Rhizopoda, Lobosea): a checklist of species, with illustrations, advices on identification and guide to the literature. Amoebae on the Web. St. Petersburg University, 2 Apr 2003.
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