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Person: F.A. Jenkins Jr.
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F.A. Jenkins Jr. (Farish)
Died: 11 Nov 2012

Journal volumes

Jenkins, F.A., Jr., Shapiro, M.D. & Owerkowicz, T. (eds.), 2001. Volume 156. Studies in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology in honor of A. W. Crompton. Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. Harvard, 10 Oct 2001.


Daeschler, E.B., Shubin, N.H. & Jenkins Jr., F.A., 2006. A Devonian tetrapod-like fish and the evolution of the tetrapod body plan. Nature 440, 6 Apr 2006: 757-763.
Luo, Z.-X., Gatesy, S.M., Jenkins, F.A., Jr., Amaral, W.W. & Shubin, N.H., 2015. Mandibular and dental characteristics of Late Triassic mammaliaform Haramiyavia and their ramifications for basal mammal evolution. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 112 (51), 16 Nov 2015: E7101-E7109.
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