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Person: Z.-H. Zhou
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Z.-H. Zhou (Zhong-He)


Li J. & Zhou Z. (eds.), 2015-. Volume II. Amphibians, Reptilians, and Avians. Palaeovert. Sin.: 9 fascicles.


Zhang, FC., Zhou, ZH. & Benton, M.J., 2008. A primitive confuciusornithid bird from China and its implications for early avian flight. Science in China, ser. D: Earth Sciences 51 (5), May 2008: 625-639.
Wang, M., Zhou, Z.-H., O'Connor, J.K. & Zelenkov, N.V., 2014. A new diverse enantiornithine family (Bohaiornithidae fam. nov.) from the Lower Cretaceous of China with information from two new species. Vert. PalAsiat. 52 (1): 31-76, figs. 1-11.
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