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Person: G.Y. Kawauchi
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G.Y. Kawauchi (Gisele)


Kihara, T.C., Björnberg, T.K.S. & Kawauchi, G.Y., 2007. Myzomolgus sipunculensis sp. nov. (Cyclopoida, Catiniidae), a new copepod associated with sipunculan worms from Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 24 (3), Sep 2007: 591-600.
Bieler, R., Mikkelsen, P.M., Collins, T.M., Glover, E.A., González, V.L., Graf, D.L., Harper, E.M., Healy, J., Kawauchi, G.Y., Sharma, P.P., Staubach, S., Strong, E.E., Taylor, J.D., Tëmkin, I., Zardus, J.D., Clark, S., Guzmán, A., McIntyre, E., Sharp, P. & Giribet, G., 2014. Investigating the Bivalve Tree of Life – an exemplar-based approach combining molecular and novel morphological characters. Invert. Syst. 28 (1), 20 Mar 2014: 32-115.
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