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Person: J.M. Scoble
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J.M. Scoble (Josephine Margaret)


Howe, A.T., Bass, D., Scoble, J.M., Lewis, R., Vickerman, K., Arndt, H. & Cavalier-Smith, T., 2011. Novel Cultured Protists Identify Deep-branching Environmental DNA Clades of Cercozoa: New Genera Tremula, Micrometopion, Minimassisteria, Nudifila, Peregrinia. Protist 162 (2), Apr 2011: 332-372.
Cavalier-Smith, T. & Scoble, J.M., 2013. Phylogeny of Heterokonta: Incisomonas marina, a uniciliate gliding opalozoan related to Solenicola (Nanomonadea), and evidence that Actinophryida evolved from raphidophytes. Eur. J. Protistol. 49 (3), Aug 2013: 328-353.
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