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Person: D. Schwarzott
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D. Schwarzott


Kramadibrata, K., Walker, C., Schwarzott, D. & Schuessler, A., 2000. A new species of Scutellospora with a coiled germination shield. Ann. Bot. 86 (1): 21-27.
Schuessler, A., Gehrig, H., Schwarzott, D. & Walker, C., 2001. Analysis of partial Glomales SSU rRNA gene sequences: implications for primer design and phylogeny. Mycological Research 105: 5-15.
Schwarzott, D., Walker, C. & Schüßler, A., 2001. Glomus, the largest genus of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomales), is non-monophyletic. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 21(2): 190-197.
Schüßler, A., Schwarzott, D. & Walker, C., 2001. A new fungal phylum, the Glomeromycota: phylogeny and evolution. Mycol. Res. 105 (12), Dec 2001: 1413-1421.
Walker, C., Blaszkowski, J., Schwarzott, D. & Schüßler, A., 2004. Gerdemannia gen. nov., a genus separated from Glomus, and Gerdmanniaceae fam. nov., a new family in the Glomeromycota. Mycol. Res. 108 (6), 23 Jun 2004: 707-718.
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