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Person: V.I. Mikhalevich
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V.I. Mikhalevich (Valeria)


Mikhalevich, V.I., 1994(1995). A new classification of the class Astrorhizata (Foraminifera). Zoosyst. Rossica 3 (2): 161-174.
Mikhalevich, V.I., 2003. System of the four foraminiferal subclasses with the agglutinated shell wall (Ammodiscana, Miliamminana, Hormosinana, Textulariana) (Foraminifera). In V.V. Khlebovich (ed.), Contributions from the Zoological Institute, No. 7. Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg: 46 pp..
Mikhalevich, V.I., 2008. New Subfamilies of the Suborder Miliolina (Foraminifera). Zoologičeskij žurnal 87 (11): 1283-1288.
Mikhalevich, V.I., 2013. New insight into the systematics and evolution of the foraminifera. Micropaleontology 59 (6): 493-527.


Mikhalevich, V.I., 2003. The composition of the order Hormosinida Mikhalevich, 1980. Newsletter of Micropalaeontology (68), Jul 2003: 18.
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