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Person: M. Streng
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M. Streng (Michael)


Elbrächter, M., Gottschling, M., Hildebrand-Habel, T., Keupp, H., Kohring, R., Lewis, J., Meier, K.J.S., Montresor, M., Streng, M., Versteegh, G.J.M., Willems, H. & Zonneveld, K., 2008. Establishing an Agenda for Calcareous Dinoflagellate Research (Thoracosphaeraceae, Dinophyceae) including a nomenclatural synopsis of generic names. Taxon 57 (4), Nov 2008: 1289-1303.
Versteegh, G.J.M., Servais, T., Streng, M., Munnecke, A. & Vachard, D., 2009. A discussion and proposal concerning the use of the term calcispheres. Palaeontology 52 (2): 343-348.
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