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Person: N.V. Zelenkov
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N.V. Zelenkov (Nikita)


O'Connor, J.K. & Zelenkov, N.V., 2013. The Phylogenetic Position of Ambiortus: Comparison with Other Mesozoic Birds from Asia. Paleontological Journal 47 (11): 1270-1281.
Wang, M., Zhou, Z.-H., O'Connor, J.K. & Zelenkov, N.V., 2014. A new diverse enantiornithine family (Bohaiornithidae fam. nov.) from the Lower Cretaceous of China with information from two new species. Vert. PalAsiat. 52 (1): 31-76, figs. 1-11.
Zelenkov, N.V. & Averianov, A.O., 2016. A historical specimen of enantiornithine bird from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia representing a new taxon with a specialized neck morphology. J. Syst. Palaeont. 14 (4): 319-338.
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