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Person: C. Aria
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C. Aria (Cédric)


Aria, C., Caron, J.-B. & Gaines, R., 2015. A Large New Leanchoiliid from the Burgess Shale and the Influence of Inapplicable States on Stem Arthropod Phylogeny. Palaeontology 58 (4), Jul 2015: 629-660.
Aria, C. & Caron, J.-B., 2017. Burgess Shale fossils illustrate the origin of the mandibulate body plan. Nature 545, 4 May 2017: 89-92.
Vannier, J., Aria, C., Taylor, R.S. & Caron, J.-B., 2018. Waptia fieldensis Walcott, a mandibulate arthropod from the middle Cambrian Burgess Shale. R. Soc. Open Sci. 5 172206: [1]-51.
Mayers, B., Aria, C. & Caron, J.-B., 2019(2018). Three new naraoiid species from the Burgess Shale, with a morphometric and phylogenetic reinvestigation of Naraoiidae. Palaeontology 62 (1), Jan 2019: 19-50.
Aria, C., Zhao, F., Zeng, H., Guo, J., Zhu, M., 2020. Fossils from South China redefine the ancestral euarthropod body plan. BMC Evolutionary Biology 20 (4): [1]-17.
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