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Person: P.C. Nascimbene
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P.C. Nascimbene (Paul)

Series volumes

Grimaldi, D.A., Engel, M.S. & Nascimbene, P.C., 2002. Fossiliferous Cretaceous Amber from Myanmar (Burma): Its Rediscovery, Biotic Diversity, and Paleontological Significance. Amer. Mus. Novit. (no. 3361), 26 Mar 2002: [1]-72.


Christiansen, K. & Nascimbene, P., 2006. Cretaceous Research.


Grimaldi, D. & Nascimbene, P.C., 2010. Chapter 10. Raritan (New Jersey) Amber. In D. Penney (ed.), Biodiversity of Fossils in Amber from the Major World Deposits: 167-191.
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