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Reference: V.V. Bulanov, 2002b. Paleontol. J. 36 (5)
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Bulanov, V.V. 2002b. New Data on Procolophons from the Permian of Eastern Europe. Paleontol. J. 36 (5): 525-530. [Translated from Paleontologicheskii Zhurnal, No. 5, 2002, pp. 83–88]

New: Subsequent spelling

Barasaurus besairei (Species) Bulanov, 2002, nom. inval.Page: 525.

New: Isonym: name, rank & spelling

Kinelia (Genus) Bulanov, 2002Page: 529 ("Bulanov, gen. nov.").

New: Isonym: name, rank, combination & spelling

Kinelia broomi (Species) Bulanov, 2002Page: 529 ("Bulanov, sp. nov.").
Nyctiphruretus optabilis (Species) Bulanov, 2002Page: 528 ("Bulanov, sp. nov.").
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