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Reference: L.S. Dillon, 1963. Syst. Zool. 12 (2)
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Dillon, L.S. 1963. A Reclassification of the Major Groups of Organisms Based Upon Comparative Cytology. Syst. Zool. 12 (2), Jun 1963: 71-82.

New: Unavailable original name

Biota (Clade) Wagner 2004, nom. cl. inval.Page: 74 ("Biotic Kingdom or something similar").

New: Unavailable subsequent rank

Amoebozoa (Phylum) Lühe, 1913Page: 78 ("Amoebophyta"). [sine descr. Lat.].
Arcellozoa (Phylum) Doweld, 2001Page: 78 ("Arcellophyta*"). [sine descr. Lat.].

New: Subsequent rank

Amoebatea (Class) Dillon, 1963Page: 78 ("Amoebida").
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