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Reference: S.A.V. Chambi-Trowell et al., 2021. J. Syst. Palaeont. 19 (11)
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Chambi-Trowell, S.A.V., Martinelli, A.G., Whiteside, D.I., Romo de Vivar, P.R., Soares, M.B., Schultz, C.L., Gill, P.G., Benton, M.J. & Rayfield, E.J. 2021. The diversity of Triassic South American sphenodontians: a new basal form, clevosaurs, and a revision of rhynchocephalian phylogeny. J. Syst. Palaeont. 19 (11): 787-820. [Online: 1 Nov 2021]

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