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Reference: R. Michel et al., 2003. Acta Protozool. 42 (4)
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Michel, R., Walochnik, J. & Aspöck, H. 2003. Pseudodidymium cryptomastigophorum gen. n., sp. n., a Hyperamoeba or a Slime Mould? A Combined Study on Morphology and 18S rDNA Sequence Data. Acta Protozool. 42 (4): 331-343.

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Pseudodidymium cryptomastigophorum (Species) Michel, Walochnik & Aspöck, 2003Page: 342 ("new species Pseudodidymium cryptomastigophorum, within a new genus", "Pseudodidymium cryptomastigorum gen. n., sp. n.").
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