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Reference: J. Liu et al., 2011. Nature 470
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Liu, J., Steiner, M., Dunlop, J.A., Keupp, H., Shu, D., Ou, Q., Han, J., Zhang, Z. & Zhang, X. 2011. An armoured Cambrian lobopodian from China with arthropod-like appendages. Nature 470, 24 Feb 2011: 526–530. [Online: 23 Feb 2011]

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Diania (Genus) Liu, Steiner, Dunlop, Keupp, Shu, Ou, Han, Zhang & Zhang, 2011Page: 526 ("Diania cactiformis gen. et sp. nov.").

New: Original name, rank, combination & spelling

Diania cactiformis (Species) Liu et al., 2011Page: 526 ("Diania cactiformis gen. et sp. nov.").

Original Classification (root)

(Clade) Ecdysozoa Aguinaldo, Turbeville, Linford, Rivera, Garey, Raff & Lake 1997, nom. cl. inval.

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