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Reference: A.V. Mikhalevich, 2005. Acta Palaeontologica Romaniae 5
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Mikhalevich, A.V. 2005. The new system of the Superfamily Quinqueloculinoidea Cushman, 1917 (Foraminifera). Acta Palaeontologica Romaniae 5: 303-310.

New: Original name

Danubiellinae (Subfamily) Mikhalevich, 2005Page: 308 ("subfam. nov.").
Flintinellinae (Subfamily) Mikhalevich, 2005Page: 309 ("subfam. nov.").
Hechtininae (Subfamily) Mikhalevich, 2005Page: 308 ("subfam. nov.").
Orthellinae (Subfamily) Mikhalevich, 2005Page: 305 ("subfam. nov.").
Parahauerinoidinae (Subfamily) Mikhalevich, 2005Page: 305 ("subfam. nov.").

New: Subsequent spelling

Labalinininae (Subfamily) Mikhalevich, 1988Page: 305.
Miliammelus (Genus) Saidova & Burmistrova, 1978Page: 306.
Miliammiinana (Subclass) Mikhalevich, 1992Page: 304.
Soritidoida (Superorder) Schultze, 1854Page: 304.
Soritioida (Superorder) Schultze, 1854Page: 309.
Stegnerina bubnanensis (Species) McCulloch, 1977Page: 308.

New: Emended diagnosis (emend.)

Glomulinidae (Family) Saidova, 1981Page: 305 ("Saidova, 1981, emend.").

Original Classification (root)

(Phylum) Foraminifera d'Orbigny, 1826

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