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Reference: E. Sirel, 1999. Micropaleontology 45 (2)
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Sirel, E. 1999. Four new genera (Haymanella, Kayseriella, Elazigella and Orduella) and one new species of Hottingerina from the Paleocene of Turkey. Micropaleontology 45 (2), Summer 1999: 113-137.


Elazigella; Haymanella; Hottingerina; Kayseriella; Orduella

New: Original name

Elazigella (Genus) Sirel, 1999Page: 132 ("n. gen.").
Elazigella altineri (Species) Sirel, 1999Page: ("n. sp.").
Haymanella (Genus) Sirel, 1999Page: 122 ("n. gen.").
Haymanella paleocenica (Species) Sirel, 1999Page: ("n. sp.").
Hottingerina anatolica (Species) Sirel, 1999Page: ("n. sp.").
Kayseriella (Genus) Sirel, 1999Page: 126 ("n. gen.").
Kayseriella decastroi (Species) Sirel, 1999Page: ("n. sp.").
Orduella (Genus) Sirel, 1999Page: 130 ("n. gen.").
Orduella sphaerica (Species) Sirel, 1999Page: ("n. sp.").
Orduellinidae (Family) Sirel, 1999Page: ("n. fam.").
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