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Reference: P.C. Silva, 1980
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Series volume

Silva, P.C. 1980. Names of classes and families of living algae. Regnum vegetabile 103: 1-156.

New: Original name & rank

Raphidomonadea (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1986), orth. inval.Page: 78 ("Raphidophyceae").

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Haptophyceae (Class) Christensen ex Silva (1980)Page: 67 ("T. Christensen ex P. C. Silva, nom. class. nov. descriptivum pro Prymnesiophyceae Hibberd (1976, p. 77), nom. class. typificatum").

New: Subsequent name (orig. rank & spell.)

Spironematellaceae (Family) P.C. Silva (1980)Page: 97 ("P. C. Silva, nom. fam. nov.").

New: Subsequent spelling

Chrysomonadophyceae (Class) Pascher ex Schoenichen (1925)Page: 42 ("Pascher ex Schoenichen").
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