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Reference: L.A. Hug et al., 2016. Nat. Microbiol. 1 (art. 16048)
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Hug, L.A., Baker, B.J., Anantharaman, K., Brown, C.T., Probst, A.J., Castelle, C.J., Butterfield, C.N., Hernsdorf, A.W., Amano, Y., Ise, K., Suzuki, Y., Dudek, N., Relman, D.A., Finstad, K.M., Amundson, R., Thomas, B.C. & Banfield, J.F. 2016. A new view of the tree of life. Nat. Microbiol. 1 (art. 16048), 11 Apr 2016: 1-6.

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Absconditabacteria (Phylum) Hug et al. 2016Page: 5.
Katanobacteria (Phylum) Hug et al. 2016Page: 5.

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) organisms

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