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Taxon: Order Suessiales Fensome, F.J.R. Taylor, G. Norris, Sarjeant, Wharton & G.L. Williams (1993) (protist)


SN2000 author citation R.A. Fensome et al., 1993, nom. bot.
Original name, rank & spelling Fensome, R.A., Taylor, F.J.R., Norris, G., Sarjeant, W.A.S., Wharton, D.I. & Williams, G.L. 1993. Micropaleontology (spec. publ. no. 7)
Original use as a botanical name op. cit. [implicit]


Botanical name (: nom. bot.) Ref: S.J. Brands (comp.), 1989-present. Syst. Nat. 2000: 8 Jan 2024.


TypeSuessia (Genus) Morbey (1975) Ref: R.A. Fensome et al., 1993 [new] [inferred]


Name in former code of nomenclatureSuessiida (Order) Fensome, Taylor, Norris, Sarjeant, Wharton & Williams, 1993 Ref: F. Gómez, 2005: table 1 (p. 212). [inferred]


InDinococcales (Order) Pascher (1914) Ref: F. Gómez, 2012: table 2 (p. 77).
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