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Taxon: Subclass Tremellomycetidae Caval.-Sm. (1998) (fungus)


SN2000 author citation T. Cavalier-Smith, 1998
Unavailable original name Locquin, 1984. Mycol. gén. struct. (Paris): 91.
Unavailable original name Wells, 1994. Mycologia 86: 44.
Original name, rank & spelling Cavalier-Smith, T. 1998. Biol. Rev. 73: table 5 (p. 248: "Fries 1821 stat. nov. Wells 1994", "subcl. nov.").
Description/Diagnosis in Latin op. cit.: table 5 (p. 248: "diagnosis: muri longitudinali in basidiis praebens; corpus fructorum gelatinosus").
Description/Diagnosis in English op. cit.: table 5 (p. 248: "basidia divided by vertical septa; saprobic jelly fungi (Tremellales) and related yeasts").


Different rankTremellomycetes (Class) Doweld (2001)


Synonymous nameExidiomycetes (Class) R.T. Moore (1996) Ref: T. Cavalier-Smith, 1998: table 5 (p. 248). [new]
In (p.p.)Heterobasidiomycetae (Class)
In (p.p.)Heterobasidiomycetidae (Subclass)
In (p.p.)Metabasidiomycetidae (Subclass)
In (p.p.)Phragmobasidiomycetes (Class) R.T. Moore (1980)
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