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Monotypic taxon: Family Sorodiplophryidae Cavalier-Smith, 2012 (protist)


SN2000 author citation T. Cavalier-Smith, in O.R. Anderson & T. Cavalier-Smith, 2012
Original name Anderson, O.R. & Cavalier-Smith, T. 2012. Acta Protozool. 51: 298. ("Cavalier-Smith fam. n.").
Original rank op. cit.: 298.
Original use as a zoological name op. cit.: 297. ("ICZN").
Original spelling op. cit.: 298.
Description/Diagnosis in English op. cit.: 298-299.


Type, by original designation and monotypySorodiplophrys (Genus) L.S. Olive & Dykstra (1975) Ref: O.R. Anderson & T. Cavalier-Smith, 2012: 299. [new]
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