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Monotypic taxon: Subfamily †Psamminopeltinae Mikhalevich & Kaminski, 2008 (protist)


SN2000 author citation V. Mikhalevich & M.A. Kaminski, 2008
Original name Mikhalevich, V. & Kaminski, M.A. 2008. In M.A. Kaminski & R. Coccioni (eds.), Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera. Grzybowski Foundation Special Publication 13: 158 ("subfam. nov.").
Original rank loc. cit.
Original spelling loc. cit.
Description/Diagnosis in English loc. cit.


Type, by original designation and monotypyPsamminopelta (Genus) Tappan, 1957 Ref: V. Mikhalevich & M.A. Kaminski, 2008: 158.


IncludingSpiroglutininae (Subfamily) Mikhalevich, 1983 Ref: V.I. Mikhalevich, 2013: 508.
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