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Paraphyletic? taxon: Domain Bacteria Woese et al. 1990 (prokaryote)


SN2000 author citation (Haeckel, 1894) C.R. Woese et al., 1990
Original name Haeckel, 1894.
Subsequent rank (orig. spell.) Woese, C.R., Kandler, O. & Wheelis, M.L. 1990. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 87: 4579.
Description/Diagnosis in English loc. cit.


Different rankBacteria (Empire) Haeckel 1894
Different rankBacteria (Superkingdom) (Haeckel 1894)
Different rankBacteria (Kingdom) (Cohn 1870) Cavalier-Smith 1983
Different rankBacteria (Kingdom) Cavalier-Smith 2002
Different rankBacteria (Division) (Haeckel 1894)
Different rankBacteria (Class) Haeckel 1894 (Approved Lists 1980)
Different rankBacteriobionta (Kingdom)
Former unranked nameBacteria ([unranked]) Cavalier-Smith 2002


Allowed homonymBacteria (Genus) Latreille, Le Peletier de Saint Fargeau, Serville & Guerin, 1825


Synonymous nameEubacteria ([unranked])
Synonymous nameEubacteria (Kingdom) Woese and Fox 1977
Synonymous nameEubacteria (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith 1981
Synonymous name (objective)Eubacteria (Domain)
Synonymous name (objective)Neobacteria (Suprakingdom)
Synonymous name (objective)Schizobionta ([unranked])
Pro parte synonymprokaryotes ([unranked])
Includinganaerobic photosynthetic bacteria (Phylum)
IncludingAphragmabacteria (Phylum) Margulis and Schwartz 1982
IncludingBacteriobiota (Kingdom) Jeffrey 1971
IncludingCyanobiota (Kingdom) Jeffrey 1971
IncludingEobacteria (Infrakingdom) Cavalier-Smith 2002
IncludingEobacteria (Superphylum) (Cavalier-Smith 1992a) Cavalier-Smith 1998
IncludingEobacteria (Phylum)
IncludingEurybacteria (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith 1998
IncludingGlycobacteria (Infrakingdom) Cavalier-Smith 1998
IncludingGlycobacteria (Infrakingdom) Cavalier-Smith 2002
IncludingHadobacteria (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith 1992
IncludingLipobacteria (Infrakingdom) T. Cavalier-Smith 1998
IncludingNegibacteria (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith 2002
IncludingOmnibacteria (Phylum) Margulis and Schwartz 1982
IncludingPimelobacteria (Infrakingdom) Cavalier-Smith 1992
IncludingPimelobacteria (Superphylum) (Cavalier-Smith 1992) Cavalier-Smith 1998
IncludingPirellulae (Phylum) Margulis and Schwartz 1998
IncludingPosibacteria (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith 1987
IncludingPosibacteria (Infrakingdom) (Cavalier-Smith 1987) Cavalier-Smith 1998
IncludingPosibacteria (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith 1987
IncludingPosibacteria (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith 1987 ex Cavalier-Smith 2002
IncludingSaprospirae (Phylum)
IncludingTeichobacteria (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith 1998
IncludingTogobacteria (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith 1992
IncludingTogobacteria (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith 1998
In (p.p.)Monera (Kingdom) Haeckel 1866
In (p.p.)Procaryotae (Kingdom) Murray 1968 (Approved Lists 1980)
In (p.p.)Prokarya (Superkingdom)
In (p.p.)Prokaryota (Domain)
In (p.p.)Prokaryota (Empire) (Dougherty 1957) Allsopp 1969
In (p.p.)Unibacteria (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith 1998
In (p.p.)Unibacteria (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith 2002
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