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Reference: T. Cavalier-Smith, 1986
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Cavalier-Smith, T. 1986. The kingdom Chromista: origin and systematics. In F.E. Round & D.J. Chapman (eds.), Progress in Phycological Research 4: 309-347.

New: Original name

Heterokonta (Phylum) Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: 338.
Ochrista (Subphylum) Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: 339.
Phaeophycidae (Subclass) Scagel ex Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: 341. ("Scagel ex T. Cavalier-Smith subclassis nova").

New: Original name & spelling

Raphidoista (Infraphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1986Page: table 1 (p. 339). [superclass].

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Bicosoecea (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1986), orth. inval.Page: table 1 (p. 341: "classis nova. Nomen typificatum.").
Cryptophyta (Phylum) Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: 338.
Labyrinthulea (Class) L.S. Olive ex Caval.-Sm. (1986), orth. inval.Page: table 1 (p. 342: "Olive ex Cavalier-Smith classis nova. Nomen typificatum.").
Pythiista (Superclass) Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: table 1 (p. 342: "superclassis nova. Nomen typificatum.").
Synurea (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1986), orth. inval.Page: table 1 (p. 340: "classis nova. Nomen typificatum.").

New: Subsequent name (orig. rank & spell.)

Fucophycidae (Subclass) Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: table 1 (p. 341: "subclassis nova").
Pseudofungi (Subphylum) Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: table 1 (p. 341: "Subphylum ... subdivisio novum pro Heterokontimycotina Dick 1976 p. 536").

New: Subsequent rank

Chromophyta (Subkingdom)

New: Subsequent spelling

Hyphochytrea (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: 342. [as "Hypochytrea"].
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