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Reference: T. Cavalier-Smith et al., 2009. Protist 160 (3)
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Cavalier-Smith, T., Lewis, R., Chao, E.E., Oates, B. & Bass, D. 2009. Helkesimastix marina n. sp. (Cercozoa: Sainouroidea superfam. n.) a Gliding Zooflagellate of Novel Ultrastructure and Unusual Ciliary Behaviour. Protist 160 (3), Aug 2009: 452-479. [Online: 12 Jun 2009]

New: Original name

Helkesimastigidae (Family) Cavalier-Smith, 2009Page: 465 ("Cavalier-Smith fam. n.").
Helkesimastix marina (Species) T. Cavalier-Smith et al., 2009
Sainouroidea (Superfamily) T. Cavalier-Smith et al., 2009

Original Classification (root)

(Phylum) Cercozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1998

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