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Reference: T. Cavalier-Smith et al., 1995. Arch. Protistenk. 145 (3-4)
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Cavalier-Smith, T., Chao, E.E. & Allsopp, M.T.E.P. 1995. Ribosomal RNA Evidence for Chloroplast Loss within Heterokonta: Pedinellid Relationships and a Revised Classification of Ochristan Algae. Arch. Protistenk. 145 (3-4), Apr 1995: 209-220.

New: Original name

Actinochrysea (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1995)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].
Apedinellaceae (Family) Caval.-Sm. (1995)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].
Chrysomerophycea (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1995)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].
Chrysomerophyceae (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1995)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].
Fucistia (Superclass) Caval.-Sm. (1995)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].
Phagochrysia (Superclass) Cavalier-Sm. (1995)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].
Sarcinochrysea (Class) Cavalier-Sm. (1995)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].

New: Original name & rank

Actinochrysophyceae (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1995)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Ciliophryales (Order) Caval.-Sm. (1995)Page: 218 ("ord. nov. T. Cavalier-Smith 1995 nom. typ.").

New: Subsequent rank

Dictyochidae (Subclass) Haeckel (1894)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].
Pedinellidae (Subclass) Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].

New: Subsequent spelling

Actinomonadaceae (Family) Kent (1880)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].
Ciliophryaceae (Family) Poche (1913)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].

New: Emended diagnosis (emend.)

Pedinellaceae (Family) Pascher (1910)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].
Pedinellales (Order) Zimmermann et al. (1984)Page: [T. Cavalier-Smith].

Original Classification (root)

(Phylum) Heterokonta Caval.-Sm. (1986)

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