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Reference: T. Cavalier-Smith, 2010a. Biol. Lett. 6 (3)
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Cavalier-Smith, T. 2010a. Kingdoms Protozoa and Chromista and the eozoan root of the eukaryotic tree. Biol. Lett. 6 (3), 23 Jun 2010: 342-345. [Online: 23 Dec 2009]


Chromista; Protozoa

New: Original name

halvaria ([unranked]) Cavalier-Smith, 2010Page: fig. 1 ("new clade").
Harosa (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith, 2010Page: 342, fig. 1 ("new subkingdom").

New: Subsequent rank

Hacrobia (Subkingdom) Okamoto, Chantangsi, Horák, Leander & Keeling (2009)Page: 342 ("new subkingdom").

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) organisms

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