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Reference: J.E. Gray, 1825a. Ann. Philos., London (n.s.) 10 (3)
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Gray, J.E. 1825a. A Synopsis of the Genera of Reptiles and Amphibia, with a Description of some new Species. Ann. Philos., London (n.s.) 10 (3), Sep 1825: 193-217.


Amphibia; Reptilia

New: Original name

Amphisbaenidae (Family) Gray, 1825Page: 203 ("Gray").

New: Subsequent rank

Typhlopidae (Family) Merrem, 1820Page: 203 ("Gray").

New: Subsequent spelling

Chalcididae (Family) Oppel, 1811Page: 204 ("Chalcididæ").
Colubridae (Family) Oppel, 1811Page: 207 ("Colubridæ").
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