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Taxon: Class Amphibia Gray, 1825 (vertebrate)

Series volumes

Frost, D.R., Grant, T., Faivovich, J., Bain, R.H., Haas, A., Haddad, C.F.B., de Sá, R.O., Channing, A., Wilkinson, M., Donnellan, S.C., Raxworthy, C.J., Campbell, J.A., Blotto, B.L., Moler, P., Drewes, R.C., Nussbaum, R.A., Lynch, J.D., Green, D.M. & Wheeler, W.C., 2006. The Amphibian Tree of Life. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 297, 15 Mar 2006: 1-370.


Gray, J.E., 1825a. A Synopsis of the Genera of Reptiles and Amphibia, with a Description of some new Species. Ann. Philos., London (n.s.) 10 (3), Sep 1825: 193-217.
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