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This page shows a list of publications and web sites that refer to The Taxonomicon c.q. Systema Naturae 2000.

Books (9)

  • Chester, S. 2008. A Wildlife Guide to Chile. Princeton University Press. [Online]
  • Chízmar Fernández, C. 2009. Plantas comestibles de Centroamérica. Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio), Costa Rica.
  • Cordell, G.A. 2007. The Alkaloids: Chemistry and Biology. Academic Press.
  • Kaden, R. 2009. Mikrobiologische Gewässeranalytik: Am Beispiel der Untersuchung einer Trinkwassertalsperre. Diplomica Verlag.
  • Munn, K. & Smith, B. (eds.) 2008. Applied Ontology: An Introduction. Ontos Verlag.
  • Rigby, P.R., Iken, K. & Shirayama, Y. (eds.) 2007. Sampling Biodiversity in Coastal Communities: NaGISA Protocols for Seagrass and Macroalgal Habitats. Kyoto University Press.
  • Turvey, S. 2009. Holocene Extinctions. Oxford University Press.
  • Vincent, W.F. & Laybourn-Parry, J. 2008. Polar lakes and rivers: limnology of Arctic and Antarctic aquatic ecosystems. Oxford University Press.
  • Wehrtmann, I.S. & Cortés, J. 2009. Marine biodiversity of Costa Rica, Central America. Springer.

Series volumes (1)

  • Pakalniškis, S., Bernotiene, R., Lutovinovas, E., Petrašiunas, A., Podenas, S., Rimšaite, J., Saether, O.A. & Spungis, V. 2006. Checklist of Lithuanian Diptera. New and Rare for Lithuania Insect Species. Records and Descriptions. Vol. 18. Lithuanian Entomological Society, Vilnius: 1-155. [Online]

Articles (8)

  • Albano, A.P.N., Brum, J.G.W. & Coimbra, M.A.A. 2005. First Report of Ciconiphilus decimfasciatus (Amblycera: Menoponidae) in Casmerodius albus (Aves: Ciconiiformes) from Brazil. Arq. Inst. Biol., São Paulo 72 (2): 263-264. [Online]
  • Aranishi, F. & Okimoto, T. 2005. Sequence polymorphism in a novel noncoding region of Pacific oyster mitochondrial DNA. J. Appl. Genet. 46 (2): 201-206. [Online]
  • Chavan, V., Rane, N., Watve, A. & Ruggiero, M. 2005. Resolving Taxonomic Discrepancies: Role of Electronic Catalogues of Known Organisms. Biodiversity Informatics 2: 70-78. [Online]
  • Gönlügür Demirci, G. & Karakan, İ. 2006. Seagrass Distribution in Coast of Sinop (Middle Black Sea). Science and Eng. J. of Fırat Univ. 18 (3): 331-337. [In Turkish] [Online]
  • Hooper, S.L. & Thuma, J.B. 2005. Invertebrate Muscles: Muscle Specific Genes and Proteins. Physiol. Rev. 85: 1001-1060. [Abstract]
  • Jeong, B.R., Chung, S.-M., Baek, N.J., Koo, K.B., Baik, H.S., Joo, H.-S., Chang, C.-S. & Choi, J.W. 2006. Characterization, Cloning and Expression of the Ferritin Gene from the Korean Polychaete, Periserrula leucophryna. The Journal of Microbiology 44 (1): 54-63. [Online]
  • Joo, H.S., Koo, K.B., Park, K.I., Bae, S.H., Yun, J.W., Chang, C.S. & Choi, J.W. 2007. Cloning and Expression of the Cathepsin F-like Cysteine Protease Gene in Escherichia coli and Its Characterization. The Journal of Microbiology 45 (2): 158-167. [Online]
  • Lilburn, T.G., Harrison, S.H., Cole, J.R. & Garrity, G.M. 2006. Computational aspects of systematic biology. Briefings in Bioinformatics. [Abstract]

Websites (6)

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