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I started Systema Naturae 2000 in 1989, but the concept really matured with the introduction of The Taxonomicon in 2004. The success of the concept depends heavily on the quality and quantity of the information. Therefore much time and effort will be spent on continuously updating the system, cleaning up the existing data and enhancing the functionality. Already a growing list of contributors kindly offer their work to be incorporated into The Taxonomicon, thereby helping me to increase the quality, for which I am very grateful.

The Taxonomicon is a private endeavor driven by idealism and dedication, but without any funding. Therefore I seek sponsors who share my commitment to understand the world around us and who are willing to help me with my cause.

Thank you!

Drs. Sheila Brands
Universal Taxonomic Services

Brochure: The Taxonomicon & Systema Naturae 2000

How to make a donation

By making a donation you will support the continuation and further development of The Taxonomicon.

There are several ways to make a donation:

  1. You can make a money transfer with an international money order to the address below, or
  2. You can send us a check by mail. Please address the envelope to the address below, or
  3. You can make a one-time donation using PayPal:

How to become a data provider

  • You can send me your work to be incorporated into The Taxonomicon,
  • You can send me corrections, additions, etc.,
  • You can send relevant publications,
  • You can send me the link to your website, or webpages for accurate linking (at the species level).


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