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Taxon: Phylum Cryptista Cavalier-Smith, 1986 (protist)


SN2000 author citation (F.E. Fritsch, in G.S. West & F.E. Fritsch, 1927) T. Cavalier-Smith, 1986, nom. descript., nom. emend., orth. zool.
Original name West, G.S. & Fritsch, F.E. 1927. Treat. Brit. Freshw. Alg. (ed. 2): 23, 387. (F.E. Fritsch). [class "Cryptophyceae", nom. bot.].
Subsequent rank Cavalier-Smith, T. 1986. In F.E. Round & D.J. Chapman (eds.), Progress in Phycological Research 4: 338. ["Cryptophyta", nom. bot.].
Subsequent spelling Cavalier-Smith, T. 1989[1990]. In J.C. Green, B.S.C. Leadbeater & W.L. Diver (eds.), The Chromophyte Algae: Problems and Perspectives, Systematics Association Special Volume, No. 38. Clarendon Press, Oxford: table 20.1 (p. 385) ("(syn. Cryptophyta)").
Emended diagnosis (emend.) Cavalier-Smith, T., Chao, E.E. & Lewis, R. 2015. Mol. Phyl. Evol. 93: table 1 (p. 344) ("Cavalier-Smith, 1989 em.").
Emended diagnosis (emend.) Cavalier-Smith, T. 2004. In R.P. Hirt & D.S. Horner (eds.), Organelles, Genomes and Eukaryote Phylogeny. The Systematics Association Special Volume Series 68: table 4.1 (p. 77) ("Cavalier-Smith 1986 emend.").


Subsequent zoological name (: nom. zool. post.) Ref: T. Cavalier-Smith et al. 2015. Mol. Phyl. Evol. 93: table 1 (p. 344, note c: "International Code of Zoological Nomenclature").
Descriptive name (: nom. descript.) [ICBN/ICN, 2012: Sect. 1, Art. 16.1(b) (>family)] Ref: P.C. Silva, 1980. Regnum vegetabile 103: 47 ("Class Cryptophyceae", "nom. descript."). [inferred]


Former rankCryptista (Subkingdom) Caval.-Sm. (1986) Ref: T. Cavalier-Smith et al., 2015: table 1 (p. 344). [inferred]
Preferred terminationCryptophyta (Phylum) Caval.-Sm. (1986)
Former terminationCryptophyta (Phylum) Caval.-Sm. (1986) Ref: T. Cavalier-Smith, 1993b: table 2 (p. 961).


IncludingPicozoa (Phylum) Seenivasan, Sausen, Medlin & Melkonian, 2013 Ref: T. Cavalier-Smith et al., 2015: table 1 (p. 344). [inferred]
Vernacular namecryptomonads ([unranked])
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