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Taxon: Subfamily Goniodomoideae Fensome, F.J.R. Taylor, G. Norris, Sarjeant, Wharton & G.L. Williams (1993) (protist)


SN2000 author citation (E. Lindemann, 1928) R.A. Fensome et al., 1993, nom. imperf.
Description/Diagnosis in Latin Околодков, Ю.Б. [Okolodkov, Yu.B.] 2001. Ботанический журнал 86 (1)


Imperfect name (orth. inval.: "orth. imperf.") [ICZN] Ref: P.C. Silva, 1980. Regnum vegetabile 103: 60. [inferred]


Automatically typified subtaxon ofGoniodomaceae (Family) Er. Lindem. (1928) Ref: R.A. Fensome et al., 1993 [inferred]
TypeGoniodoma (Genus) F. Stein (1883), nom. illeg. Ref: R.A. Fensome et al., 1993 [inferred]


Vernacular nameSubfamily of Goniodoma (Subfamily) F. Gómez (2012) Ref: F. Gómez, 2012: table 2 (p. 135). [inferred]
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