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Taxon: chemical compounds (chemical compound)
Classification by:

Natura - nature
   actualia - actual entities
     Mundus Plinius - physical world
       naturalia - natural bodies
           chemical substances
             chemical compounds
               Class capsaicinoids
               01.1 hydrogen - H2
               13.1.01 Class boranes [BxHy]
      Class boronic acids [RB(OH)2]
      Class borinic acids [R2BOH]
               14.1 Class heteroarenes
      Class hydrocarbons [CxHy] - compounds consisting of carbon and hydrogen only
      Class helicenes
      Class isoprenoids
      Class retinoids
      Class acetylides [X+-C≡CH, X+-C≡C-+X, X+-C≡CR]
      Class pyrimidine bases
      Class purine bases
      Class nucleosides
      Class nucleotides [HOP(=O)(OH)OCH2CH(O~)CH(OH)CH(Y)CH(base)~ (Y=H or OH)]
      Class nucleic acids [[─P(=O)(OH)OCH2CH(O~)CH(O─)CH(Y)CH(base)~]n (Y=H or OH)]
      Class corrinoids
      Class tetrapyrroles
      Class dipyrrins [pyrrole-CH=pyrrole]
      Class hemes and heme derivatives
      Class flavins [1≈NC(=O)NHC(=O)C(~2)=NC(≈3)CH=C(CH3)C(CH3)=CHC(≈3)NRC(~2)≈1]
      carbon monoxide - CO
      carbon dioxide - CO2
      Class alcohols [ROH (R≠H)]
      Class alkoxides [RO-M+]
      Class phenols [ArOH]
      Class phenoxides [ArO-M+]
      Class enols [R2C=CROH]
      Class cyclitols
      Class ethers [ROR (R≠H)]
      Class hemiacetals [R2C(OH)OR' (R'≠H)]
      Class acetals [R2C(OR')2 (R'≠H)] - diethers of geminal diols
      Class carbohydrates [Cn(H2O)n, etc.]
      Class glycoconjugates
      Class aldehydes [RC(=O)H]
      Class ketones [R2C=O (R≠H)]
      Class acyloins [RCH(OH)C(=O)R]
      Class quinones
      Class ketenes [R2C=C=O]
      Class carboxylic acids - RC(=O)OH
      Class acid anhydrides [acyl-O-acyl]
      Class "ortho acids" [RC(OH)3] [hypothetical]
      Class esters [acyl-XR, etc.; R'kE(=O)l(OH)m (l≠0; ≥1 (OH):=(XR)), etc.; X=O,S,Se,Te,etc.; R≠H]
      Class acylals [R2C[OC(=O)R]2] - diesters of geminal diols
      Class chalcones [ArCH=CHC(=O)Ar]
               14.1.99 Class "lipids"
               14.2.01 Class silanes [SinH2n+2]
      Class silazanes [R3Si[NHSiR2]nNHSiR3]
      Class cyclosilazanes [~[SiR2NH]n~]
      Class silasesquiazanes [(SiR)2n(NH)3n]
      Class siloxanes [R3Si[OSiR2]nOSiR3]
      Class cyclosiloxanes [~[SiR2O]n~]
      Class silasesquioxanes [(SiR)2nO3n]
      Class silathianes [R3Si[SSiR2]nSSiR3]
      Class silasesquithianes [(SiR)2nS3n]
               15.1.00 nitrogen - N2
               15.1.01 Class azanes [NnHn+2]
               15.1.06 Class amidines [RnE(=NR)NR2]
               15.1.06 Class amidrazones [RC(=NH)NHNH2, RC(NH2)=NNH2]
               15.1.06 Class amines [RNH2, R2NH, R3N]
               15.1.06 Class azines [R2C=NN=CR2]
               15.1.06 Class azo compounds [RN=NR (R≠H)]
               15.1.06 Class azo imides [RN=N(R)+-NR <-> RN-+N(R)=NR]
               15.1.06 Class carbodiimides [RN=C=NR]
               15.1.06 Class cyanides [X+[C≡N]‾, organyl-C≡N]
               15.1.06 Class diazoamino compounds [RN=NNR2 (not all R=H)]
               15.1.06 Class formazans [R2NN=CRN=NR]
               15.1.06 Class hydrazidines [RC(NRNR2)=NNR2]
               15.1.06 Class hydrazones [R2C=NNR2]
               15.1.06 Class imines [RN=CR2]
               15.1.06 Class isocyanides [RNC; RN+≡C‾]
               15.1.06 Class triazanes [NR2NRNR2] - triazane and its hydrocarbyl derivatives
               15.1.06 Class triazenes [NR2N=NR] - triazene and its hydrocarbyl derivatives
               15.1.08 Class alkaloids
               15.1.08 Class amic acids
               15.1.08 Class amides [RkE(=O)l(OH)m (l≠0; ≥1 (OH):=(NR2))]
               15.1.08 Class amino acids [H2NCHRCOOH]
               15.1.08 Class azinic acids [R2N+(O-)OH]
               15.1.08 Class azonic acids [RN+(O-)(OH)2]
               15.1.08 Class azoxy compounds [RN=N+(O-)R]
               15.1.08 Class cyanates [X+[OC≡N]‾, ROC≡N]
               15.1.08 Class diacylamines [acyl-NR-acyl]
               15.1.08 Class diazoates [RN=NO‾M+]
               15.1.08 Class hydrazides [RkE(=O)l(OH)m (l≠0; ≥1 (OH):=(=NRNR2))]
               15.1.08 Class hydrazonic acids [RkE(=O)l(OH)m (l≠0; ≥1 (=O):=(=NNR2))]
               15.1.08 Class hydroxamic acids [RkE(=O)l(OH)m (l≠0; ≥1 (OH):=(NROR))]
               15.1.08 Class hydroximic acids [RkE(=O)l(OH)m (l≠0; ≥1 (=O):=(=NOR))]
               15.1.08 Class hydroxylamines [R2NOR]
               15.1.08 Class imides [acyl-NR-acyl]
               15.1.08 Class imidic acids [RkE(=O)l(OH)m (l≠0; ≥1 (=O):=(=NR))]
               15.1.08 Class isocyanates [RN=C=O]
               15.1.08 Class isoureas [R2NC(=NH)OH]
               15.1.08 Class lactims [~N=C(OH)[CH2]n~]
               15.1.08 Class nitro compounds [RmXNO2 (X=C,N,O,etc.)]
               15.1.08 Class nitroso compounds [RmXNO (X=C,N,O,etc.)]
               15.1.08 nitrous oxide - N2O
               15.1.08 Class oxime O-ethers [R2C=NOR' (R'≠H)]
               15.1.08 Class oximes [R2C=NOH]
               15.1.08 Class picrates
               15.1.08 Class semicarbazones [R2C=NNHC(=O)NH2]
               15.1.08 Class styphnates - salts or charge-transfer complexes of styphnic acid
               15.1.08 Class ureides [H2NC(=O)[NHC(=O)]R or RC(=O)[NHC(=O)]2R] - N-acyl or N,N'-diacyl ureas
               15.1.08 Class uronium salts [[ROC(=NR2)NR2]+X-] - salts of O-hydronated urea
               15.2.01 Class phosphanes [PnHn+2]
               15.2.06 Class phosphines [R3P]
               15.2.06 Class phosphoranes [PR5]
               15.2.07 Class phosphonitriles [[X2PN]n]
               15.2.07 Class phosphoramides [P(=O)(NR2)3]
               15.2.08 Class phosphine oxides [R3P=O <-> R3P+O-]
               15.2.08 Class phosphinic acids [R2P(=O)OH]
               15.2.08 Class phosphinous acids [R2POH]
               15.2.08 Class phosphonic acids [RP(=O)(OH)2]
               15.2.08 Class phosphonous acids [RP(OH)2]
               15.3.01 Class arsanes [AsnHn+2]
               15.3.06 Class arsenides [R3As (≥1 H->M)]
               15.3.06 Class arsines [R3As]
               15.3.06 Class arsoranes [R5As]
               15.3.07 Class arsine imides [R3As=NR]
      Class arsonous acids [RAs(OH)2]
      Class arsinous acids [R2AsOH]
      Class arsonic acids [RAs(=O)(OH)2]
      Class arsinic acids [R2As(=O)OH]
      Class arsine oxides [R3As=O]
               15.3.16 Class arsine sulfides [R3As=S]
               15.4.01 Class stibanes [SbnHn+2]
               15.4.01 stiborane - SbH5
               15.4.06 Class stibines [R3Sb]
               15.5.01 Class bismuthanes [BinHn+2]
               15.5.06 Class bismuthines [R3Bi]
      oxygen - O2
      ozone - O3
               16.1.01 water - H2O
      Class peroxides [ROOR]
      Class peroxy acids [acyl-OOH]
               16.2.01 Class polysulfanes [HSnH (n>1)]
      Class thiols [RSH (R≠H)]
      Class hydropolysulfides [RSnH (n>1)]
      Class thiolates [RS-X+] - derivatives of thiols
      Class sulfides [RSR (R≠H)]
      Class polysulfides [RSnR (n>1; R≠H)]
      Class thioaldehydes [RC(=S)H]
      Class thioketones [R2C=S (R≠H)]
      Class sulfenamides [RSNR'2 (R≠H)]
      Class sulfimides [R2S=NR] - sulfimide and its hydrocarbyl derivatives
      Class thioamides [RC(=S)NR2]
      Class thiocyanates [X+[SC≡N]‾, RSC≡N] - salts and esters of thiocyanic acid
      Class isothiocyanates [RN=C=S]
      Class formamidine disulfides [R2NC(=NR)SSC(=NR)NR2]
      Class sulfamic acids [R2NS(=O)2OH] - sulfamic acid and its N-hydrocarbyl derivatives
      Class sulfinylamines [RN=S=O]
      Class sulfonylamines [RN=S(=O)2]
      Class sulfoximides [R2S(=O)=NR]
      Class sulfones [RS(=O)2R (R≠H)]
      Class sulfoxides [R2S=O (R≠H)]
      Class sultones [~S(=O)2O[CH2]n~] - intramolecular cyclic esters of hydroxy sulfonic acids
      Class sulfenic acids [RSOH (R≠H)]
      Class sulfinic acids [RS(=O)OH] - sulfinic acid and its S-hydrocarbyl derivatives
      Class sulfinic anhydrides [RS(=O)OS(=O)R]
      Class sulfonic acids [RS(=O)2OH] - sulfonic acid and its S-hydrocarbyl derivatives
      Class sulfonic anhydrides [RS(=O)2OS(=O)2R]
      Class thiocarboxylic acids
      Class thioanhydrides [acyl-S-acyl]
      Class thiohemiacetals
      Class thioacetals
      Class selenols [RSeH (R≠H)]
      Class selenides [RSeR (R≠H)]
      Class selones [R2C=Se (R≠H)]
      Class selenoamides [RC(=Se)NR2]
      Class selenocyanates [RSeCN] - salts and esters of selenocyanic acid
      Class isoselenocyanates [RN=C=Se]
      Class selenenic acids [RSeOH (R≠H)]
      Class seleninic acids [RSe(=O)OH]
      Class selenonic acids [RSe(=O)2OH]
      Class selenoxides [R2Se=O (R≠H)]
      Class selenones [R2Se(=O)2]
               16.4.06 Class tellurides [RTeR (R≠H)]
               16.4.07 Class telluroamides [RC(=Te)NR2]
               16.4.08 Class tellurones [R2Te(=O)2]
               99 Class inclusion compounds
               99 Class onium compounds

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