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Drainage basin: Meghna River Basin (Bangladesh) (geographical region)
Classification by:

Natura - nature
   actualia - actual entities
     Mundus Plinius - physical world
       Astra Plinius - celestial bodies
           (Supercluster) Virgo-Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster
             (Supercluster) Virgo Supercluster
               (Cluster) Local Group
                 (Galaxy) Milky Way Galaxy veter.
                   (Spiral arm) Orion Arm
                     (Region) Local Bubble
                       Local Interstellar Cloud
                         (Planetary system) Solar System
                           (Planet-satellite system) Earth System
                             (Planet) Earth veter.
                               "spheres" (Earth)
                                 (Sphere) Hydrosphere (Earth) - layer of water
                                   (Drainage basin) Indian Ocean Basin
                                     (Drainage basin) Meghna River Basin (Bangladesh)
                                       0.225202N0904546E (Stream) Meghna River (Bangladesh)
                                       0d1.222618N0910510E (Estuary) Hātia River (Bangladesh)
                                       0d2.224156N0911623E (Estuary) Bāmni River (Bangladesh)
                                       1d1.220516N0905103E (Estuary) Shāhbāzpur River (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.0.220922N0903126E (Stream) Tetulia River (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.0d1.220427N0902738E (Stream) Kājal River (Bangladesh)
                                       1d2.0d2.215509N0902910E (Stream) Bura Gauranga River (Bangladesh: Barisāl)
                                       1d2.1d.0.220524N0902306E (Stream) Galachipa River (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.1d.s.0.222049N0902517E (Stream) Lohalia River (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.1d.s.s1.222734N0902635E (Stream) Karkhāna River (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.1d.s.s2.222550N0902726E (Stream) Kanakdiha Nadi (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.2d.0.215759N0900152E (Stream) Buriswar River (Bangladesh: Barisāl)
                                       1d2.2d.s1.0.221000N0901300E (Stream) Big hāi River (Bangladesh)
                                       1d2.2d.s1.s1.0.222132N0901601E (Stream) Rājganj River (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.2d.s1.s1.s1.222821N0902052E (Stream) Khairābād Nadi (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.2d.s1.s1.s2.222939N0902127E (Stream) Pandab Nadi (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.2d.s1.s2.222242N0901747E (Stream) Kāchabania Nadi (Bangladesh: Khulna)
                                       1d2.2d.s2.221000N0901400E (Stream) Kukua River (Bangladesh)
                                       1d2.s1.0.223515N0903055E (Stream) Ariāl Khān River (Bangladesh)
                                       1d2.s1.1d.0.215903N0895953E (Stream) Bishkhāli River (Bangladesh: Barisāl)
                                       1d2.s1.1d.s1.222848N0901119E (Stream) Jāngālia Nadi (Bangladesh: Barisāl)
                                       1d2.s1.1d.s2.0.223000N0901200E (Stream) Gajālia (Bangladesh)
                                       1d2.s1.1d.s2.s1.224000N0901900E (Stream) Kālijira (Bangladesh)
                                       1d2.s1.1d.s2.s2.0.223945N0901852E (Stream) Nālchiti River (Bangladesh)
                                       1d2.s1.1d.s2.s2.s.223851N0902044E (Stream) Barisāl River (Bangladesh: Barisāl)
                                       1d2.s2.224500N0904400E (Stream) Ganeshpura River (Bangladesh)
                                       3a.0.233037N0904136E (Stream) Kālātia Nadi (Bangladesh: Chittagong)
                                       3a.1t.233220N0904231E (Stream) Gumti River (Bangladesh)
                                       4t.0.233422N0903355E (Stream) Dhaleswari River (Bangladesh: Dhaka)
                                       4t.1t.0.233421N0903335E (Stream) Sitalakhya River (Bangladesh)
                                       4t.1t.1t.234351N0903005E (Stream) Bālu River (Bangladesh: Dhaka)
                                       4t.1t.2t.0.240400N0903800E (Stream) Bānār River (Bangladesh)
                                       4t.1t.2t.1t1.0.241600N0903300E (Stream) Kāorāid River (Bangladesh)
                                       4t.1t.2t.1t1.1t.0.241900N0903000E (Stream) Sutia River (Bangladesh)
                                       4t.1t.2t.1t2.241600N0903300E (Stream) Rāijān River (Bangladesh)
                                       4t.2t.233742N0902630E (Stream) Buriganga River (Bangladesh: Dhaka)
                                       4t.3t.234332N0901454E (Stream) Kāliganga River (Bangladesh)
                                       5t.234153N0904515E (Stream) Chitibhānga Nadi (Bangladesh: Chittagong)
                                       6t.235454N0904434E (Stream) Ariāl Khān River (Bangladesh)
                                       7a.0.235453N0905722E (Stream) Pāgla River (Bangladesh: Chittagong)
                                       7a.1t.235500N0905700E (Stream) Titās River (Bangladesh)
                                       s1.0.240900N0905900E (Stream) Ghorāutra River (Bangladesh)
                                       s1.s1.242200N0910100E (Stream) Dhanu River (Bangladesh)
                                       s1.s2.242200N0910100E (Stream) Baulāi River (Bangladesh)
                                       s2.0.241300N0910400E (Stream) Dhaleswari River (Bangladesh)
                                       s2.s1.0.242100N0911300E (Stream) Kālni River (Bangladesh)
                                       s2.s1.s1.250100N0912100E (Stream) Surma River (Bangladesh)
                                       s2.s1.s2.244100N0912300E (Stream) Bibiyāna River (Bangladesh)
                                       s2.s2.242100N0911300E (Stream) Barāk River (Bangladesh)

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